Lessons from Almost Completing the July Ultimate Blog Challenge


Well, I almost did it, I completed the first 30 days of the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Missed the last day, darn!

Seeing as today in September 24th and my last blog post was July 30th, the lesson I did NOT learn was how to keep blogging every day.  I tend to make thoughtful posts on Facebook EVERY DAY!  Those thoughtful posts could easily be made here, on this blog, instead.

Here are 5 things I did in July that helped me almost finish the challenge:

PLR – Private Label Rights

I acquired some pre-written articles, referred to as PLR (Private Label Rights), several years ago.  I edited, updated and used them during the challenge.

Resurrect Drafts

This post right here is a great example of resurrecting a draft.  I started in on August 1st and am just now finishing it today.

Schedule Posts the Night Before

This by far is the best piece of advice I have to give.  Scheduling posts frees up your time to do other things.  And you don’t have to wake up early, either.

Stick to a Theme

In July, I focused on writing about leadership.

Interact with Other Bloggers

During a blog challenge, it is always a good idea to read and comment on other blogs.   It increases the chances other bloggers will read and comment on yours.



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