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Social Media Savvy by Tanya Lavoie

Thanks, thankfulness, appreciation, gratefulness… How do these powerful words relate to social media? Social Media, seriously!

Well think about it. We ‘SHARE’ our thoughts and ideas with each other. We ‘LIKE’ each other’s posts. We ‘PIN’ and ‘REPIN’ other businesses photos, and we ‘RETWEET’ other folk’s words on Twitter. Right? Most of these posts, re-pins, and retweets that we share every day are, for the most part, really cool, informative, fun, and educational… right?

So, let’s give gratitude and appreciation to those who start these posts! Who started it? Do you start it? Sometimes I start it and sometimes not. It is important and respectful to acknowledge and show appreciation to the person who did. This is known as linking with love. IF possible, link to the original post. If this not possible, then acknowledge the person who did create the post that you are about to share with your friends and customers.

How is this done – showing respect and gratitude to the originator of a post, pin, or tweet?  Well, make sure you acknowledge that person with a “thank you for sharing” comment. Remember in College when you could get expelled for copying someone’s paper? Ah Ha! You got it! I’m not saying don’t copy, re-tweet, re-pin etc…… Just please acknowledge the creator.

“All of this is just an expansion of what we all aim to do naturally – to act with respect and kindness. We share things. We engage each other. More and more – our daily lives and social networking takes place on the internet. By being mindful when we share – we not only create better content and relationships.” …excerpt from

Social Media is a huge part of our lives. We post, re-post, tweet, re-tweet, Like, Comment, Share, Pin, re-pin, g+, and Link every day. For most of us, these activities fill up many of our minutes throughout our day. As I blog, coach, advise, and teach the wonderful folks around me the ins and outs of social media, this will be an important topic covered and hopefully, respectfully learned.

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