Interview: Lisa Shock of Utilization Solutions in Healthcare

Lisa Shock of Utilization Solutions in Healthcare

Lisa Shock, mother of two daughters ages 4 and 10, resides in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  Her company, Utilization Solutions in Healthcare, is literally changing the face of healthcare.

MG:  Tell us about your business.

LS:  I am a physician assistant and a health care consultant.  We teach hospitals, practices and physicians how to incorporate and utilize Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) for improved efficiency and profit.

MG:  How do you market your service?

LS:  Online, in print ads or in person – we target physicians, hospitals and health care systems

MG:  How has new technology affected your personal life/business?  What technology tools do you use?

LS:  Yes – Healthcare is constantly changing how we deliver health care and manage information.  In my career, I have worked with more than 7 electronic health records and my website and online social media marketing and networking are an integral part of my consulting business

MG:  Define your style?

LS:  Classy and elegant

MG:  Tell me about your typical day.

LS:  Depends on where I am and what I am doing.  It could be anything from full on patient care to meeting with a consulting client to networking to teaching at the Duke PA program where I am a part time faculty member, to working at Duke as a part of the Geriatrics Education Faculty – my other educational appointment.

MG:  How do you juggle work and family?

LS:  By the grace of God and with a supportive husband and parents who live locally and who help with the kids when I am working and traveling.

MG:  Three tips you would like to give to moms who are thinking about starting their own business?


  1. Do it!  Step through the fear of failure onto the beaches of the entrepreneur – a place rich with possibility and opportunity to showcase your unique talents and gifts.
  2. Network, Network, Network – Utilize the online and local and national communities that are part of your world and make connections.
  3. Have an online presence – use a website and social media to connect with your clients and start a conversation.

MG:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LS:  Continuing to transform healthcare in every way possible

MG:  What else would you like to add?

LS:  I am one of the only types of businesses in my niche industry nationwide.  At Utilization Solutions in Healthcare, Inc., we are not simply a staffing company or a consulting business firm.  We combine clinical expertise and practical experience with business principles to achieve better health care delivery for the patients we ultimately serve.  In business we know there are a few keystone principles that remain constant. One of these principles is efficiency.  Utilization Solutions in Healthcare (USH) is an efficiency improvement specialist in a niche area for healthcare: medical practices and hospitals.  A problem exists in these organizations where they are not properly utilizing midlevel providers, and it is hurting both the practice and overall patient care.  At Utilization Solutions, we offer a wide range of services to help medical practice grow on every level through the proper use of Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NP’s). If physicians, practices, or health systems are seeking to maximize reimbursements, increase profits, achieve higher patient satisfaction levels, ensure proper scope of practice, or reduce workload by using a physician extender, we can help.

Connect with Lisa Shock:

Website:  www.pushpa,biz



Twitter: @PAutilization



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