Marketing with Color | Brand Colors Infographic Plus a Nostalgic Video

Did you know the color of your logo is just as significant as the design?

Personally, until I found this brand colors infographic about marketing with color, I never really thought about the significance of the color of my own logos.  I just picked colors I liked.

Turns out I done good.

The logo for my custom furniture business is brown, a color associated with durability and simplicity.  Our furniture designs are based on Shaker furniture and built to last for generations.  I think we nailed it on our logo color choice, eh?

The logo for this blog is yellow, a color associated with positivity and motivation.  Yup, nailed that one, too.

Brand Colors Infographic

brand colors infographic
brand colors infographic

Thank you to Marketo for this groovy brand colors infographic.

Tell Me About It

  • What color did you use in YOUR brand?
  • If you don’t have a brand, what is your favorite color, and why?
  • Do you know all the lyrics to Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors?

Yeah, I couldn’t resist.  Sorry, not sorry.



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