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It takes an army to battle Bertha.

I am blessed beyond measure to have a large battalion of warriors by my side through my breast cancer journey. They have fed my family, made sure my home was clean, visited me during treatments and hospital stays, and given much needed moral support.

A couple weeks back, we celebrated my 45th birthday with Mexican food and Red Velvet Cake. It was fun because not all of the warriors were acquainted.  It is always fun to meet new people and everyone wore a name tag that listed how they met me.

Not surprisingly, I met each of the ladies who attended the party one of two ways, through Toastmasters or SendOutCards.

I wrote this affirmation nearly 10 years ago:

“Nurturing, appreciative, successful people seek my friendship.”

If you want to surround yourself with nurturing, appreciative, successful people, join Toastmasters and SendOutCards because that is where they all hang out!

Several members of the BB team could not attend, some live out-of-state, but I’d like to introduce you to a few of the amazing ladies who nurture me with love and support.

My cup runneth over with gratitude.

All is well!



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