Merry Christmas


Gratitude Increases Your Social Standing


This year my husband gave me the gift of heaven in a mug.  And for that, I am most grateful.  It may seem like a gag gift to most, but a pound of Peet’s Coffee makes me very happy.  I am a discerning coffee drinker and the earthy, rich flavor of Peet’s is my favorite.   It doesn’t taste quite as good at home as it did from the shop in Berkeley where I learned to love the brew, but it’s close enough for horseshoes.

My gift to you this Christmas is gratitude.  Well, a tool to help you measure your gratitude.

On a survey of gratitude intensity and frequency, University of Miami psychology professor Michael McCullough found that participants who rated highest for gratitude also had the highest capacity for empathy and were rated as more generous and helpful by people in their social networks.  He developed a short questionnaire that enables you to determine your level of gratitude.  Take the short quiz.  I dare you.  If you aren’t happy with your score, you know how to fix it!

Be Gratefully Geeky and Geekily Grateful!

Merry Christmas!

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