Planning Your MLM Reboot

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Full Disclosure:  This article isn’t really about your MLM reboot, it’s about mine.  Hopefully, by sharing my plan, it may help you create your plan, should you ever find yourself in the situation I find myself in today.

My Story

For the past two and a half years, I have lived with metastatic breast cancer.

Understandably, my life and my MLM business have been on hold.  I’ve done what I could to support my team, but truth be told, my team has supported me.

I recently received my second all-clear 3-month scan, meaning I have officially been in remission for 6-months.  Woot!!  Based on these happy results, my oncologist has changed my treatment plan to one that is much more conducive to living a full and rich life.  And oh boy am I ready to reclaim my life and my MLM business.

MY 10-step MLM Reboot Plan

The following 10-step MLM Reboot plan is uniquely mine.  If you are ready to reboot your own MLM business, use it as a blueprint to create your plan.

  1. Catch up on any changes to the products, compensation plan, or marketing tools.
  2. Check in with my direct sponsored team.  Reach out to team members whose direct sponsor is no longer working their business.
  3. Schedule and register for local team meetings, corporate calls, training events, and company convention.
  4. Touch base with clients with an active subscription.  Reach out to past clients.
  5. Attend 1 to 2 networking meetings per week.
  6. Schedule at least 3 one-on-one appointments each week with team members, clients, and new friends.
  7. Use my company’s products daily.
  8. Share my company’s products and opportunity daily.
  9. Refresh my affirmations and read them every day.
  10. Spend 30 minutes on professional and personal development daily.

Even the best plans will fail without inspired action.  So make your plan and put it into action!

Share Your Plan

Are you ready to reboot your MLM business?  Share a few of the ways you plan to get restarted.

Maybe you’ve already successfully rebooted.  What do you consider the absolute best piece of advice you can offer to someone ready to restart their business?



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  1. Kandis, don’t know why all of the question marks posted on my comment….all I know is that exclamation marks are much more appropriate!

  2. Thanks for sharing yourself and a huge AMEN to you and your family for the 6-month “all clear!” We just received the same update about our mom and it feels REALLY feels good! ????????

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