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Montgomery, Texas resident and owner of MoCo Canine Concierge, Leslie Guillermo explains why her homemade dog treats are better than store bought.

The Hot Seat

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Leslie answers these questions and more:

  • What is the difference between in-home dog boarding and boarding a dog at a commercial facility and why should I choose in-home?
  • I see commercials on TV for in-home dog boarding starting at $15 per night. How are these hosts’ pricing, qualifications, and procedures and amenities different than a professional dog boarders?
  •  What is all the buzz on your home made dog biscuits about?

Cards for Dogs

And the bonus question:

  • How have you used SendOutCards to market your business?

“I use SOC to stay in touch with my customers and send them information on what’s new in the business. For instance I can tell them about a special I’m having on my home made dog biscuits, I can remind them to book their dates for upcoming major holidays, and I can simply send them a random greeting letting them know how much I appreciate them and their business. I have also used them to send a thoughtful card at the passing of a furry friend or a new addition to the fur family. Of course, I love sending Holiday greetings to my customers.”

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