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Wi-Fi Work Around

Well, things don’t always go as planned.  We have moved into our new home but won’t have internet service until January 17th.

Last night I facilitated a mastermind using the Zoom app on my LG G4.  It made my phone so hot, I literally had to stick my phone and my head in the freezer while I talked.  It was a site!!

I finally figured out a work around!  Use that same LG G4 as a hot spot!!  DUH.

Speaking of new home…  there are mountains of paperwork when you buy or sell a home.  Oh, so much paperwork.  I bet most Real Estate Agents would really appreciation help managing the paperwork.

Mountains of Paperwork for Realtors

Before we left Texas, I sat down with my friend and client, Carol Trauthwein, to discuss how she helps realtors manage those mountains of paperwork.

Carol provides solutions to realtors and small business owners to help them become more productive and successful. Specifically, providing bookkeeping services using Quickbooks Online as a certifies QBO ProAdvisor.

For Realtors, Carol also offers behind the scenes Transaction Coordination, enabling them to concentrate on their clients by passing their mountains of paperwork on to her.

Carol is a fantastic business partner for realtors, as you will learn by watching Coffee, Cards and Conversations Season 2 Episode 3:


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