Today’s lunch and learn episode was recorded live during the May 2015 meeting of the Conroe Texas Chapter of Wealthy Sisters Network.

Networking Basics with Louise Dewey

Louise Dewey, Queen of Networking

Louise Dewey, Queen of Networking

Our speaker, Louise Dewey, AKA Lady Lou, spent over 25 years of her career in the world of sales, both inside and outside sales, and loved it. In 1989, when her husband died, she withdrew from the world for 12 full months as she no longer knew WHO she was.

Finally, she had only two choices to make – DIE, OR GET HER LIFE BACK.

Shortly after that she attended her first NETWORKING meeting. The speaker was an author on ‘women in sales.’ But the lady spoke on women “getting out of their nightgowns” instead! BINGO! Louise was ready. Her choice had been made! She was tired of living in her nightgown and wanted her life back!

Louise started going to so many networking meetings in Houston that her friends began calling her the “Queen of Networking.” During those same years Louise began attending many classes preparing for her new life – The Silva Method taught her how to meditate, use her mind, and balance her life. The Path Foundation taught her to be a Certified Hypnotherapist. NLP gave her more people skills, plus she attended many, many others helpful classes where she worked on becoming the best person she could be.

Finally it came time to put all the things Louise had learned to work for her, so she started a business as the ‘Queen of Networking.’ She began consulting with people on networking basics, speaking at public functions, conducting networking workshops, writing a weekly e-newsletter for networkers, writing articles, and having the time of her life!

When her elderly mother became ill in 2005, Louise left her business to be there for her mother, and two years later her mother passed away. In 2008 Louise sold her home in Houston, retired, and moved to Montgomery to live in the home her parents built back in the 70’s on 5½ acres. She is now a Lady Farmer and a Master Gardener.

Today, Louise is also known as The Baby Boomer Babe. You see, her middle name is M-S-U! That stands for MAKE STUFF UP! Who knows WHO she will be next!

Listen in as Louise Dewey, the newly un-retired queen of networking shares a few of networking basics she has learned.

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