Kandas and Jay McHugh

I often say that gratitude is like manure… it’s no use unless you spread it around. Spread it around enough and sow seeds of generosity and kindness, then a bountiful harvest will soon be yours for the reaping.

I know no one who spreads gratitude better than Jay McHugh.

Jay owns one of the largest Re/Max Real Estate brokerages in the world. With 15 offices in the greater Boston area, Jay maintains very low agent turn over.  He has a bounty of referral partners.  Satisfied clients continue to refer business years after their own home purchase.  Gratitude is that ONE difference between average and extraordinary success in Real Estate.

Jay attributes much of his success to appreciation marketing. Today, he is going to share his formula for growing a real estate brokerage with gratitude and TOMATO (Top of Mind Awareness Through Others).


Jay McHugh and Stacey Alcorn

My biggest take away from this conversation is to keep checking my rear view mirror. Touch base with your current customers often. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them! When you are out there looking for new business, it’s a happy client that will point you in the right direction.

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