“Woman” by Tracy Larson Clifford | Podcast Episode 14

Singer-Song Writer Tracy Larson-Clifford

Singer-Song Writer Tracy Larson-Clifford

Singer-song writer, Tracy Larson’ Clifford debuts her new single, “Woman” in this special edition of the Gratitude Geek Podcast.

Never Give Up

“In the beginning, stepping into the spotlight (on stage) made me feel extremely vulnerable and anxious in ways I had not yet experienced in life. I loved it so much but my heart knew there was more, more to being just a back up singer, more to doing someone else’s song.”

Tracy is the talent and genius behind the Coffee & Cards Conversations & Gratitude Geek Podcast theme music, “Never Give Up”.  In this very candid interview, Tracy shares her journey from teen mom to grandmother. Her 22-year career as a nurse exposed and inspired a drive to provide healing through music. Her organization, Soul Lily House v’Music strives to offer guitar and vocal instruction and sponsorship to struggling families.

In addition to “Woman”, Tracy also plays acoustic versions of her singles “Gone” & “Never Give Up” during the interview.  It’s a real treat for your ears!

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“The most peace for me in my spirit is when the first note is played and I begin to soar… at times, it feels as though I am flying around the room – JOY JOY JOY!”


Fitness Expert Lynda Davies on Spandex, British Chocolate & Kettlebells | Lucky Podcast #013 | Coffee & Cards Conversation #38

Confessions of a Coffee & Cards Conversationalist

When Lynda Davies & I sat down for Coffee & Cards Conversations, it wasn’t just to chat about spandex, British chocolate and kettlebells.  The real objective was to see just how many acronyms Lynda could use in 15 minutes!

Lynda Davies, Elite Fitness Training

Lynda Davies, Elite Fitness Training

Why ELITE Fitness Training, does that not limit your market?
ELITE is an acronym.  It stands for Everybody Loves the Individual Training Experience.

  • Everybody – from old to young, overweight, underweight, fit, or couch potato benefit from working with a personal trainer.
  • Loves
  • Individual – what you learn is for you as an individual. everyone’s plan is different, the time I spend with you is focused  on your goals and expectations.
  • Training – this is work I teach your mind and Train your body, it is not a walk in the park, except if that’s all you are capable of right now that is where we will start.
  • Experience –  when I train you, I do not just boss you around in my likable British voice I teach you about your body, and your lifestyles so that when our time together is through you can continue on the journey, and not undo all your accomplishments.

Explain the benefits of In Home Personal Training.
Time, Travel, Cost.

What new projects are you currently working on?
I am writing a book, based on a lifestyle plan I am developing.    My personal plan is 56 days to AWESOME, another acronym:

  • Attitude, you need the right one Before you start a lifestyle change be sure you are doing the right reasons, and know in your own mind that you will succeed.
  • Water, know how much to drink, and when. Learn if other drinks add or subtract from this total.
  • Exercise, know where, what when, and how much.
  • Sugar, know how to identify good and bad sugars. Understand the way the body processes the things you eat. Set a personal target for added sugar intake.
  • Oils learn about good fats and bed fat, and why I prefer olive oil, coconut oil, and butter, and I avoid canola oil, palm oil, and margarine.
  • Measurements, understand body composition , basal metabolic rate, available technology, set baseline measurements and use them to monitor progress.
  • Eating plans. Diets don’t work, if the did there would be no need for the Diet Industry. I will help you determine which eating options are right for you and help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

For you Kandas, I could work 56 days of GRATITUDE.

  • Goals – I will show you how to set SMARTER goals.
  • Rules – we will establish rules about sugars, oils and processed food.
  • Activity –  we will set the basic requirements for daily and weekly exercise
  • Timescales – we will establish the 8 week time frame and how it fits into your life plan.
  • Irrigation – Water supply, how much do you really need, do other drinks add or subtract from that total
  • Target – What are you aiming for, could be weight loss, fat loss muscle gain, how will you know you have reached them. Baseline and endpoint measurements.
  • Dairy- pros and cons of dairy consumption
  • Eating plan –  Will you DIET, ( do I eat this) or follow a conventional Atkins, Paleo, weight watchers etc program.  Will you move towards using more single ingredient foods and cooking from scratch and away from overly processed foods which may contain controversial ingredients whether listed on the label or not.  DIET, by the way, is an acronym for “Do I Eat This”?

How have you used SendOutCards to market your business?
I send cards to my clients on Birthday and Christmas or other special occasions.   I send thank you cars when they stop being my client.  I send random cards for accomplishment.  I have never sent a card to a prospective client yet, but who knows when I might need to do just that.

Lynda Davies Looks Good in Spandex, the Video

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How to Handle a Tacky Networker and other Networking Tips from Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice | Podcast 012

Award-winning event planner Shelly Rice has spent the past 25 years helping business owners grow their networks and their companies through business events, workshops, mentoring and collaboration. In Gratitude Geek Podcast Episdode 12, Shelly shares her top networking and business tips, including how to deal with the infamous tacky networker.

This is NOT a Cold Call

Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice

Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice

Kandas:  Where would you go if you were invisible?

Shelly:  I would go visit all of my childhood boyfriends and play pranks on them.

Kandas:  What’s your motto?

Shelly:  Attitude is everything

Kandas:  What makes you different from other people in your industry?

Shelly:  Experience. Lots of great events out there but few can say they have held successful events all over the country. I’ve hosted nearly 1,000 events in 80 cities.

Kandas:  What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Shelly:  I spent two years helping my son overcome an illness. Two years of not knowing if he would walk again, or live or what the outcome would be. Tough two years. He’s just fine now by the way!

Kandas:  What is your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Shelly:  I seem to be my biggest obstacle. I can blame circumstances or others but in reality I am the only thing in my way.

Kandas:  What will it take to overcome your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Shelly:  Just never giving up. That and my coach is kicking my butt.

Kandas:  Define your style?

Shelly:  REAL

Kandas: Tell me about your typical day.

Shelly: I pretty much work 14-16 hours a day.


Networking 101:  Connect with People Not Business Cards

Kandas:  How do you juggle work and family?

Shelly:  Son is grown, still find time to see him and my family, it’s not tough.

Kandas:  Three tips you would like to give to people who are thinking about starting a business in your industry?

1. Put your plan in writing.

2. Have twice as much money as you think you’re going to need.

3. Collaborate with others.

Kandas:  What’s the best way to market your particular business?

Shelly:  This information is going to cost you!

Kandas:  How have you grown as a person since starting your company?

Shelly:  I started my company 25 years ago so I’ve grown and changed a million times since then.

Kandas:  If you could travel back in time and speak to your 18 year old self, what would you say?

Shelly:  Listen to your parents, they know what they are talking about.

Kandas:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Shelly:  Same thing….working like a mad woman, speaking on more stages, shaking more hands…….

Kandas:  For whom are you thankful? Who do you appreciate?

Shelly:  God, my family, my best friend-Reda and my mentor-Patty Farmer. Also thankful for my business partners: Margie Baxley, Reeshemah Holmes and the incredible Dawniel Winningham.

Kandas:  What else would you like to add?

Shelly:  I sincerely appreciate you having me on your show. Thank you. Please let me know how I can be a resource for you.

Shelly Rice’s Bookshelf

Bonus Book Pick

The Big Take Away

My big take away is:  It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing what you are doing, you still have much more to learn.

What about you?  Leave a comment with your big take away about this networking and business building conversation with Shelly Rice.

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Be the Boss Magazine

Be the Boss Magazine

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Steve Schulz on Network Marketing, Money & Cheese Curds | Podcast 011


Meet a Network Marketing Legend

My guest today is a network marketing legend.  Twenty-three years ago Steve Schulz was a dead broke school teacher.  After consistently working his network marketing business for 3 to 5 hours per week for 3 years, both Steve and his wife Colleen, were able to leave their teaching jobs.  Steve shares the two things he did during those 3 to 5 hours.

Today, Steve is the President of Field Development for SendOutCards.  We sat down on a Thursday night in Houston, Texas to chat about network marketing, money and cheese curds.

Money is NOT the Root of All Evil

Steve shares his journey from teacher to multi-millionaire in his new book, “Yes, Sometimes It Is About the Money.”

“We can create more millionaires inside SendOutCards than any other program out there…  we’ve got the greatest product in network marketing.” – Steve Schulz


The Elusive Cheese Curd

Steve is from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is known for cheese curds.  Despite my best efforts to draw it out of him, Steve would not divulge the secret of the elusive cheese curd.  He remains true to his Wisconsin roots.

Steve Schulz’s Book Shelf
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100 People I’d like to Interview

This is my 100th blog post.

That might not seem like a lot for a website that has been around since 1999. The thing is, I scraped the site and started over in June of 2012. However, I didn’t really start posting regularly until we launched our Coffee & Cards Conversations in September of 2013.   The interviews are a blast…  especially the podcasts.  It is so much fun to learn from folks who are blazing the trails.

A few weeks ago I made a list of 10 people I’d love to interview in either platform, video or podcast.   I now share my original list and raise it to 100.  100 people for future interviews.  Some of these folks I know and just need to ask, some of the interviews are already booked, and some are completed and in production!  Many of the names on this list require an introduction.  Hint, hint.

Think we can do 100 interviews in 50 weeks?  I bet I can, too!

  1. Jack Canfield
  2. Jordan Adler
  3. Steve Schulz 2/20/2014
  4. Diana Dru Botsford
  5. Jimmy Dick
  6. Diane Walker
  7. Todd Falcone
  8. Vic Mignona
  9. Dawna Dyson
  10. Karen Palmer
  11. Judy O’Higgins
  12. Kristi Lee
  13. Dawniel Winningham
  14. Shelley Rice 2/19/2014
  15. Kody Bateman
  16. Gail King
  17. Debra Duncan
  18. James Mills
  19. Conrad Anker
  20. Jenny Seimonsma
  21. Cliff Ravenscraft
  22. Pat Flynn
  23. Steph Diaz Reppen 3/6/2014
  24. Lynda Davies
  25. Callie Sheilds
  26. Tracy Larson Clifford 2/26/2014 (link)
  27. Seth Godin
  28. Daniel Pink
  29. Ryan Avery
  30. Jared Easley
  31. Curt Tueffert
  32. Alyson Bayer 3/7/2014
  33. Iyea Brandy 3/13/2014
  34. Kim Ketcham
  35. Dawn Mitchell
  36. Kim Miller
  37. Sarah Carothers
  38. Jo Dent
  39. Javier Florez
  40. Todd Ross
  41. Ricky Gott
  42. Malcom Gladwell
  43. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  44. Patty Farmer
  45. Richard Bliss Brooke
  46. Tate Taylor
  47. Annie Lennox
  48. Wendy Davis
  49. Tammy Duckworth
  50. Melissa Moog
  51. Kay Green
  52. Bill Gormley
  53. Jon Bon Jovi
  54. Melissa Etheridge
  55. Stacy Methvin
  56. Mary Vitek
  57. Kimm Dwyer
  58. Julie Peters
  59. Amanda Harris
  60. Leon Panetta
  61. Brian Tracy
  62. Dr. Winnie King
  63. Any Female Astronaut
  64. Margaret Atwood
  65. George Takei
  66. Wil Wheaton
  67. A Member of the Doctor Who Cast
  68. A Female Film Director
  69. J.K. Rowling
  70. Suzanne Collins
  71. David Rebeles
  72. Mary T. Barra
  73. James Wedmore
  74. Sandy Lawrence
  75. Sandi Krakowski
  76. Dan Miller
  77. Kim Doyal
  78. Shad Helmstetter
  79. Ariana Huffington
  80. The 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking
  81. Vanessa Hunter
  82. Amy Reeder
  83. A Professional Female Potter
  84. Paula McCullough
  85. Lynn Korff
  86. Hiromu Arakawa
  87. Nell Merlino
  88. A Professional Organic Farmer
  89. A Professional Female Sculptor
  90. Mark Kistler
  91. A Professional Female Archer
  92. An Education Reformer
  93. An Oscar Winner
  94. An Grammy Winner
  95. An Emmy Winner
  96. A Nobel Prize Winner
  97. A Tony Winner
  98. A Female Admiral or General
  99. Elizabeth Braswell
  100. Peter Dinklage

Leslie Guillermo on Cooking for Canines | Coffee & Cards Conversation 037

Montgomery, Texas resident and owner of MoCo Canine Concierge, Leslie Guillermo explains why her homemade dog treats are better than store bought.

The Hot Seat

37 Leslie Guillermo Coffee and Cards 300
Leslie answers these questions and more:

  • What is the difference between in-home dog boarding and boarding a dog at a commercial facility and why should I choose in-home?
  • I see commercials on TV for in-home dog boarding starting at $15 per night. How are these hosts’ pricing, qualifications, and procedures and amenities different than a professional dog boarders?
  •  What is all the buzz on your home made dog biscuits about?

Cards for Dogs

And the bonus question:

  • How have you used SendOutCards to market your business?

“I use SOC to stay in touch with my customers and send them information on what’s new in the business. For instance I can tell them about a special I’m having on my home made dog biscuits, I can remind them to book their dates for upcoming major holidays, and I can simply send them a random greeting letting them know how much I appreciate them and their business. I have also used them to send a thoughtful card at the passing of a furry friend or a new addition to the fur family. Of course, I love sending Holiday greetings to my customers.”

Connect with Leslie Guillermo

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Leah Dossey Hasn’t Used Shampoo in 2 Years | Dirty Girls & Viral Social Media Marketing | Podcast 010

It’s our TENTH Podcast.  Whoop whoop!

Go ahead, scroll down and leave your congratulatory comments below the article.  You know you want to.  Just read the article first!

Secrets to Healthy Hair

leah-dossey-rocksKandas:  What is No Poo?

Leah:  No Poo is washing your hair without commercial shampoo. It literally means “No Shampoo”.  If you are concerned about clean hair after the zombie apocalypse, you need to switch to No Poo.

Kandas:  Your blog post about going No Poo has gone viral on Pinterest, can you tell us why you decided to write about it?

Leah:  When I decided to go No Poo I did a lot of research. I had to visit ALOT of blogs to get a really complete picture of the process. Once I was successful at No Poo myself, I wanted to create a comprehensive HOW TO article to help others learn about the process. Sharing with others so that they too can share what they have learned is a joyful experience that I find hard to describe.

Kandas:  What makes you different from other No Poo bloggers?

Leah:  The key thing I try to focus on when blogging about No Poo is helping others and providing them with support. That is why I created the Facebook group. We now have over 5,000 members from all over the world of like-minded people all trying to accomplish the same thing.

How She Used Social Media to Create a Global Community of Dirty Girls

Leah answers all your questions, well, my questions, about social media marketing, including:

  • Which social media channel is best for YOUR business?
  • Does print advertising still work?
  • How to market a blog.
  • How to create a “Pinnable” image for your blog.
  • What to do when someone plagiarizes your work.
  • Redirecting social media traffic to your blog or website.
  • Dirty vs. Tastefully Provocative.
  • Finding your niche.
  • How the HECK she gained 6,000 Facebook followers.
  • And so much more!

Plus, you learn how I REALLY feel about Kathy Lee.

Connect with Leah Dossey

First Follower

Here is the must-watch “First Follower” video we discussed toward the end of the podcast:

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Secrets to Healthy Living | Renu Agrawal, Holistic Health Coach | Podcast 009 | Coffee & Cards Conversation 036

The secret to living a healthier lifestyle is really not a secret. It’s just knowing where to find the answers.

Renu Agrawal says it’s about knowing yourself.  A Holistic Health Coach based in Magnolia, Texas, Renu received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She guides her clients into better health and wellness by identifying food, exercise and relationship blocks.

Let the Energy Flow

#36 Renu Coffee and Cards-300
Renu also integrates energy healing into her coaching sessions. According to ancient tradition, Prana, the sanskrit word for “life force,” regulates your blood flow and breathing. Pranic Healing and Reiki are two methods to direct the body’s energy towards self-healing. Renu is trained in both forms of energy healing.

When asked what she wishes Western people knew about Eastern healing, her simple answer:

“knowing yourself better, helps.”

Connect with Renu Agrawal

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

The challenge is to express gratitude to at least 1 person a day, anywhere in the world, for any reason, for 30 consecutive days by sending a real greeting card with a heartfelt message using the SendOutCards system. It is guaranteed to change your life.

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