Periscope for Network Marketing


Are you in Network Marketing?

Are you following your company’s leaders on Periscope?

MLM leaders are embracing Periscope, a new video social networking platform from Twitter.

Periscope is a real-time video platform.  You need a Twitter account to use it.

If you want to share something live with the world, you can broadcast.

If you want to be a fly on the wall while someone else does something interesting, you can watch their broadcast.

Pretty straight forward concept.

Periscope for Network Marketing

Watch live video from any smart phone.
Watch live video from any smart phone.

MLM leaders use Periscope for real-time network marketing training.  I like to watch my favorite company leaders as they show our business opportunity to real people.

I learned many years ago that to be successful in Network Marketing I need to do what the leaders do.  They became leaders because they followed a system.  Systems work.

Periscope has a myriad of other uses beside real-time network marketing training.

Sports teams can use it to engage their fans.

Businesses can use it to entice their clients.

I plan to use it with my art blog, Handmade in Texas, to engage artists and art lovers, by live streaming from markets and art events around Texas.

Check out these 5 Quick Tips for Using Periscope.

Your Turn to Type

  • Who do you follow on Periscope?
  • Share what you love about network marketing.
  • Have you ever ridden in a submarine?



3 thoughts on “Periscope for Network Marketing”

  1. I didn’t know much about Periscope. I don’t know that it would be a great fit for all businesses but it’s a great way to spy on others that actually have something interesting going on in their business life. It would also be great for those that want to share little pits of their personal life. Interesting app. I can’t use it though.

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