Don’t You Just Hate It When They Give You Pickles?


pickle_1Several years ago, I attended a Girl Scout volunteer training entitled “Give Them the Pickle.” It was a customer service workshop meant to inspire leaders and volunteers to serve the needs and wants of the girls based on what the girls wanted, and not what we as leaders wanted them to do.

This lesson easily transitions into business and life. You can’t sell a customer the product you want them to purchase. You can only sell them the product they want to buy!  I have proof of this fact in the form of a very beautiful handcrafted solid cherry king-size bed that our furniture studio made in hopes of finding a buyer before Christmas.

This post isn’t about customer service.  It’s about perspective.

“First World Problems Read by Third World People” is a video produced by Water is Life featuring Haitian people reading actual Tweets by people living in the First World. The mission of Water is Life is to bring clean drinking water to those who need it.

Close your eyes and imagine YOUR life without clean drinking water. Now watch this video:

The next time “they” give you pickles when you ask for no pickles, can you just say thank you and be grateful?



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