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Breast Cancer Support Group

Lisa, one of my custom furniture clients introduced me to an online breast cancer support group.   Lisa is a breast cancer survivor and had found much comfort from this particular group.

I was hesitant to join because I find that many support groups are populated with negative whiners and I have worked very hard to surround myself with positive people.  I know I must sound harsh in my criticism, and I have been known to whine myself.  But, it is counter productive.

I want to be around winners, not whiners.

I finally bit the bullet and joined the support group.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised!  This group of over 3200 thriving survivors is welcoming, warm and wonderful. If you are looking for an online support group, contact me privately and I’ll give you more information.

Practicing Gratitude

As a thank you to Lisa for sharing the support group information, I sent her a butterfly survivor ornament. This was her post about the gift in the support group:

Butterfly Survivor Ornament
Butterfly Survivor Ornament

“So the mailman drops a package off today and I open it and inside is a beautiful butterfly ornament that says “I’m a Survivor – Bless this Day.” Who is this from? Found a card. Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte sent me this sweet gift and card to thank me for recommending this wonderful support group. Kandas, please know that you are in my heart forever and thank you so very much for this beautiful gift. You are a strong and amazing woman and may God bless you and heal you.” – Lisa

I didn’t send the butterfly survivor ornament to receive accolades, I sent it because I truly appreciated the gift of support that Lisa had given me.

Yesterday, I read a blog post by a professional musician about the importance of daily practice. It dawned on me that I, too, have a daily practice. Every day I do what I can to reach out in kindness to others, be it a smile, kind word, joke to invoke laughter, in hopes that they will pay this kindness forward.

As the Gratitude Geek, I also practice (and teach) appreciation through the age old tradition of sending a thank you card.

Two decades ago, I watched a documentary about Mary Kay Ash, founder of the makeup empire. I learned two very important business lessons from that show:

  • When someone asks you how you are doing, regardless of how you really feel, answer with “I am fabulous.” I have been following this advice for 20 years!! To this day, I still surprise people with my answer.
  • On purpose, throughout the day, be on the lookout for people who deserve a special thank you and send them a greeting card telling them why!

While I implemented lesson one immediately and continue to practice it, lesson two took a lot longer for me to learn.

You might not believe this but for almost a decade I was a very lonely work-at-home mom. The story of how I overcame the loneliness is an entirely different blog post. However, a huge factor was SendOutCards.

Butterfly Survivor Ornament

The butterfly survivor ornament I sent to Lisa was from SendOutcards. SendOutCards now features a selection of Pink Ribbon themed items in the Gift Shop and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support breast cancer research and funding.

Do you know a breast cancer survivor? Would you like to send her (or him) a gift this month to celebrate her thriving life? Or perhaps, you’d just like to tell her how much she inspires you? Contact me privately for information on how you can do so for just the cost of postage.

Butterflies have always been a symbol of freedom, beauty and peace. This ornately designed Butterfly Survivor Ornament enhanced with diamond like stones, lends 2 powerful sentiments “I’m a Survivor” and “Bless this Day”. Perfect for displaying at home, at work or even from your rear view mirror. Never go another day without this simple reminder of freedom, beauty and peace.



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