This is going to be a post filled with musings on random topics. Remember the TV show Seinfeld? It was a show about nothing. Yeah. That’s what this post is about… a bunch of nothing… but a little something.


Today is Halloween. I went in for my daily radiation therapy appointment and Gru and his minion were waiting to irradiate me with their ray guns:

Would YOU trust these two with a ray gun?

Would YOU trust these two with a ray gun?

A couple times per week, the above jokers like to take images of the area where they shoot their giant ray gun.  They tell me it is to ensure I am aligned properly.  I think they just like having photos of my boob:

X-Ray of My Boob.  Scandalous!

X-Ray of My Boob. Scandalous!

To celebrate Halloween, I had my toes painted orange. The cancer clinic offers free spa services to patients. I like to take advantage of my free pedicures. The massage chair is groovy, too:

Orange Toes For Halloween

Orange Toes For Halloween

My friend, Anise, sent me a Halloween card. She uses the law of attraction beautifully. I have great veins. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!




Happy Birthday Mom

Today also would have been my mom’s 74th birthday. Mom passed away a few months after she turned 70.  It’s hard to believe we are coming up on four years without her. She was a big kid at heart. People loved being around her. When she smiled, it lit up the room. This photo was taken the day my father returned from Viet Nam.  I was 10 months old, so it was October of 1970:

My Mom & Dad in 1970

My Mom & Dad in 1970

Farewell Pinktober

And finally, today is the last day of Pinktober. While I have a new appreciation for the sentiment behind the pink, I did find a few things just too wacky to be pink. For example:

Top on the List of Things NOT Okay to PInk:  Rag Mops

Top on the List of Things NOT Okay to PInk: Rag Mops

On the other end of the spectrum… everyone loves cupcakes, so heck ya, pink it up:


But what about boobie cake? Seriously? What’s your honest opinion on this cake? I can’t wait to read your comments, so chime in!


So ends the 31 day Ultimate Blog Challenge. I didn’t quite make it, but I think I finished with a bang.

All is well!



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