Today, I am hosting a workshop with Mark Herdering, author of Hanging Out for a Living, and learning how to grow a 100% referral based business.  How does that sound?  I will be sure to share my key take-aways next week.

Mark arrived from Portland, Oregon, last night, and we have a full couple of days scheduled.  It’s going to be a blast!  I intend to learn as much as I possibly can while he is here.

If you live near The Woodlands, Texas, come hang out with us at Black Walnut Cafe from 9:30 until noon on Saturday morning.

Sell without Selling

Building a referral based business is one way to avoid selling.  Another is to start helping.

A few days ago, my sister’s friend (who is now my friend because of Facebook) posted the following video to her wall and tagged me, because she thinks I am great at sales.

I don’t really consider myself great at sales.  I think I’m great at building rapport, and thinking outside the box, then teaching people how to apply that outside the box idea to their business.

To me, that’s not sales.  That’s helping.

The Door to Door Comedian

The man in the video, Kenny Brooks, is not selling, he is practicing his stand up comedy routine. He comes right out and says he took the job because comedian Jamie Foxx equated his two-year career as a door-to-door salesperson to a 4-year degree in communication.


Kenny Brooks is brilliant, and he will absolutely be a huge success when he is done with his self-education.

Video Credit: Sabrina Morgan

Don’t Sell, Help

So back to what my sister’s friend posted…  My response to her post was: “I don’t sell, I help.”

The other day, I spent the afternoon with a handful of lovely women, each a small business owner: personal trainer, paintball field owner, real estate agent, network marketer, jewelry designer. We spent the time sharing ideas about marketing, drinking coffee, and enjoying a cold winter afternoon in a charming coffee shop in a small Texas town.  Sure, I told them about my product, but that was just a small part of the conversation.

I do not sell, I help people, mostly folks with small businesses who need a little guidance with relationship marketing. If they buy from me that is a bonus. First and foremost I help.

How may I help you?



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