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Award-winning event planner Shelly Rice has spent the past 25 years helping business owners grow their networks and their companies through business events, workshops, mentoring and collaboration. In Gratitude Geek Podcast Episdode 12, Shelly shares her top networking and business tips, including how to deal with the infamous tacky networker.

This is NOT a Cold Call

Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice
Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice

Kandas:  Where would you go if you were invisible?

Shelly:  I would go visit all of my childhood boyfriends and play pranks on them.

Kandas:  What’s your motto?

Shelly:  Attitude is everything

Kandas:  What makes you different from other people in your industry?

Shelly:  Experience. Lots of great events out there but few can say they have held successful events all over the country. I’ve hosted nearly 1,000 events in 80 cities.

Kandas:  What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Shelly:  I spent two years helping my son overcome an illness. Two years of not knowing if he would walk again, or live or what the outcome would be. Tough two years. He’s just fine now by the way!

Kandas:  What is your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Shelly:  I seem to be my biggest obstacle. I can blame circumstances or others but in reality I am the only thing in my way.

Kandas:  What will it take to overcome your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Shelly:  Just never giving up. That and my coach is kicking my butt.

Kandas:  Define your style?

Shelly:  REAL

Kandas: Tell me about your typical day.

Shelly: I pretty much work 14-16 hours a day.

Networking 101:  Connect with People Not Business Cards

Kandas:  How do you juggle work and family?

Shelly:  Son is grown, still find time to see him and my family, it’s not tough.

Kandas:  Three tips you would like to give to people who are thinking about starting a business in your industry?

1. Put your plan in writing.

2. Have twice as much money as you think you’re going to need.

3. Collaborate with others.

Kandas:  What’s the best way to market your particular business?

Shelly:  This information is going to cost you!

Kandas:  How have you grown as a person since starting your company?

Shelly:  I started my company 25 years ago so I’ve grown and changed a million times since then.

Kandas:  If you could travel back in time and speak to your 18 year old self, what would you say?

Shelly:  Listen to your parents, they know what they are talking about.

Kandas:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Shelly:  Same thing….working like a mad woman, speaking on more stages, shaking more hands…….

Kandas:  For whom are you thankful? Who do you appreciate?

Shelly:  God, my family, my best friend-Reda and my mentor-Patty Farmer. Also thankful for my business partners: Margie Baxley, Reeshemah Holmes and the incredible Dawniel Winningham.

Kandas:  What else would you like to add?

Shelly:  I sincerely appreciate you having me on your show. Thank you. Please let me know how I can be a resource for you.

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The Big Take Away

My big take away is:  It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing what you are doing, you still have much more to learn.

What about you?  Leave a comment with your big take away about this networking and business building conversation with Shelly Rice.

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