7 Deadly Social Media Sins

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At Gratitude Geek, we focus on helping the little guy make a big impact.

This means I usually reject what the “big dogs” have to say about marketing because in my experience, pioneering online custom furniture sales, branding and advertising can never replace relationship building.

Sometimes one of those “big dogs” offers up a gem that any small business owner can implement for success. Xplain, a European digital strategy company with clients like Microsoft and Sony, created a Slideshare presentation on “Seven Social Media Sins” that every business owner needs to see. Scroll down to watch it now, or keep reading for my take on social media for small business owners.

Clients First

In my opinion, social media is not a substitute for personal interaction.

Social media is no substitute for relationship marketing. Here's how to keep your social engagement personal. Click To Tweet

Yes, you can interact on a personal level on many of the social media platforms via private messages. It shouldn’t be the only way you interact with your clients. It should just be one of the ways you add convenience for your client.

It’s about what is best for your clients.

Show up on the social media channels where your clients hang out. Remember the seven deadly social media sins when you engage with your audience, and build relationships first.

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