The Spirit Within Me


Yoga is an ancient form of meditation and exercise.  It has been practiced for 6 thousand years.

Yoga teaches mindfulness using breath, stillness and movement.

When I am feeling up  to it, I attend a special survivors yoga class that is offered weekly in my community.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years.  Practice is exactly the correct word to describe a yoga session.  The act of breathing while holding even the easiest pose for 60 seconds is a lesson in itself.


There is a big brew-ha-ha going down in one southern town over the use of the word “Namaste” during yoga classes taught to elementary school students.

“Namaste” is a greeting, it means “the spirit within me salutes the spirit within you.”  This meaning is very similar to the Hawaiian greeting “aloha.”

Parents are offended by the use of the greeting, namaste, as they feel it is pushing the religion of Hinduism on the students.  That is as ridiculous as saying “aloha” is pushing the religion of the Hawaiian Islands on tourists.

Yoga is many things, but foremost, it is a wonderful way to teach children calm and serenity is a crazy world of over-testing and extra-curricular activities.  In my humble opinion, yoga should be taught in every public school in America, without apology and without fear of causing offense.


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PS – If you are new to yoga, or meditation, check out these simple meditations for beginners.




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