Gifts from my Grandmother

My grandmother, Louise Hartley Stone, was an artist and musician.  Her watercolor paintings and sculptures grace homes around the globe.  Her grandchildren called her Maynard, a moniker she received after a mispronunciation of grandma by her first grandchild, Joe.

When I was just a wee lass, 9 years old, Maynard came to visit from her home in California.  My family lived in the town of Gig Harbor, Washington.  It was, and remains, a quaint little tourist town on the Puget Sound with lots of little gift shops.

Maynard and I were walking down a flight of stairs in one of the little gift shops when I spotted a couple of very small paintings on the wall.  I asked her why people don’t give little pictures as gifts, or something to that effect.  I don’t remember her answer.

I do remember opening a package from Maynard on my 10th birthday and finding two paintings of Gig Harbor inside. One painting depicted boats on the harbor, and the other, the Narrows Bridge.  They had brown resin frames.  Both are signed “Maynard 1980.”

Those paintings now hang in my kitchen.  Recently, one of the brown resin frames broke, as things will do after 37 years.  My husband surprised me today be replacing the frames, so I thought I’d share the paintings with you!  Enjoy!

Painting of Gig Harbor by Louise Hartley Stone

Painting of Gig Harbor by Louise Hartley Stone signed “Maynard 1980”


Selling Art at Markets | Podcast Episode 29

Adam Rineer shows off his new painting from artist Kelly Walker

Adam Rineer shows off his new painting from artist Kelley Walker

Who Buys Art?

Today’s show is a little different. First the interviews (yes, with an s) were recorded on location at First Saturday Arts market in historic Houston heights.

First Saturday Arts Market has been going strong for 10 years. It’s a very family friendly venue, great food trucks, lots of artists and even better, lots of buyers.

That’s right, artists, there IS a buyer for your art out there.

While at the market, I picked the brains of three artists with knock your socks off work on display about what new artists need to know before showing at market.

  • Michelle Bowers, a self-taught fiber artist from Katy, Texas, offers practical advice.
  • Sergio Santos, a mixed media artist from Cypress, Texas, suggests seeking the counsel of other artists.
  • Ellie Teramoto, fine art photographer, also in Cypress, Texas, reminds us that it’s about the art.
Potter John Delafield Selling Art at Market

Potter John Delafield Selling Art at Market

Checklist for Artists New to Selling at Markets

John Delafield is a potter in the Houston area, whom I also met at First Saturday Arts Market. Unfortunately, I was not able to do an audio interview with John, but he did share this great check list for new artists:

  • Make your art.
  • Develop a line of products or a style of art.
  • Take it to a market and see what happens.
  • Pay attention to what other artists are doing.
  • Pay attention to what people are buying.
  • Of your products what draws people in and what sells?
  • What prices move your product the quickest?
  • You have to do what you are passionate about but you also have to sell it for what people are willing to pay. The only way to figure this out is to jump in and give it a try.
  • You also need to find the right outlets. If an art show isn’t for you, would a gallery be better? What about a craft show?
  • Take enough product as the average shopper wants to have a selection. If you only have a few things your shoppers might think they are looking at the leftovers. For a shopper, part of their experience is to meet the artist and maker of the art.
  • You have to have your best energy there. Be available but not intrusive to the buyer. Be ready for a quick friendly visit but let them move on when they are ready.
  • If you have trouble being friendly, take a friend along who can help you present your work
  • Create your pitch: Have a couple of standard things you can tell them about your work as a form of introduction.

If you have trouble figuring out what to say to potential clients, I offer a free 25-minute pitch workshop on demand that will help you craft a few points about your art.

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Christi Martin, Patron of the Arts | Chalk This Way | How to Create an Arts Organization | Podcast #22

Christi Martin is the director and founder of the Lakeside Arts Foundation, a nonprofit arts support organization serving the greater Lewisville and The Colony area. Its’ mission is to support and promote artists, arts organizations and bring fine arts to the Dallas, Texas suburban community through community projects such as “Chalk This Way” sidewalk chalk art festival and the Kaleidoscapes Public Art Project.  She also offers support to new start-up arts organizations.

Chalk This Way


“Chalk This Way” Sidewalk Chalk Festival is held each May in Old Town Lewisville, Texas

Favorite Song?
Don’t have one. I love lots of songs. Lots of genres.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Super hero?
Daenerys Targaryen

Fast food or home cooked meal?
Home cooked

What is your biggest quirk?
I serve on 5 different nonprofit boards…all volunteer.

What is the one thing that annoys you the most?
Flaky people and liars.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Make coffee.

Where would you go if you were invisible?
City Council closed executive sessions.

What’s your motto?
When in doubt, act with love.

Why did you choose to start your business – do what you do?
I saw a real need for the arts in our community. Lots of people, especially children, had none or few artistic outlets. There were no arts organizations here. I started 3 and helped start 3 more.

Who inspires you?
My friends.

What makes you different from other people in your industry?
I bridge all dimensions of the arts and bring them together.

Why should someone purchase from you instead of your competition?
I don’t have any competition in the area.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Watch my child fail without intervening.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Talked to Mike Modano and didn’t recognize him.

What is your biggest challenge or obstacle?
Not reacting negatively to people who disrespect me or what I do.

What will it take to overcome your biggest challenge or obstacle?
More therapy and better drugs?

What are some of your favorite books?
DaVinci Code, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter

Define your style?

Tell me about your typical day.
Get up, answer emails, make and take calls, attend meetings – often in 2 different cities, attend a reception or show, have dinner and drinks with friends, go to sleep on the couch in front of the TV.

How do you juggle work and family?
I try to involve my family in my various arts events. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Three tips you would like to give to people who are thinking about starting a business in your industry?
Learn to research and write grant requests, hire humble but very talented people, expect and deliver excellence.

What’s the best way to market your particular business?
Online. About 90% of my advertising is free or very low cost “guerilla marketing” strategies through social media and online forums.

How have you grown as a person since starting your company?
I have learned to appreciate people of differing talents and abilities, have learned patience, and gained confidence and self-esteem.


Christi Martin, Director & Founder of Lakeside Arts Foundation

If you could travel back in time and speak to your 18 year old self, what would you say?
Take business classes too and don’t listen to the naysayers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Having my own Talent Agency.

For whom are you thankful?  Who do you appreciate?
My family and friends for their patience and support, the city of Lewisville staff for their tremendous help, support and encouragement, and above all God, for His grace and love.

What else would you like to add?
Anyone who would like to find out more about Lakeside Arts Foundation or our Chalk This Way sidewalk chalk art festival can find more info on the website:

Connect with Christi Martin & Lakeside Arts Foundation

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