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4 Common Myths about High Cholesterol

For over three years now I have been in treatment for metastatic breast cancer.  It is currently in remission, though treatment continues with an Arimidex pill every day, Herceptin infusion every 3 weeks, and Lupron shot every 4 weeks.  I’ve shared in the past that the treatments have elevated my cholesterol levels.  I choose to use lower cholesterol without statins simply because I already take enough drugs, I don’t need to add another. There are a lot of myths that surround […]

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Lower Cholesterol without Statin Drugs

Part of my breast cancer treatment protocol is 5 years of Tamoxifen, an estrogen-blocker.  It has many side effects and I was quite hesitant to take the drug.  However, I’ve been lucky in that I only have experienced two of the drugs side effects:  hip pain and high cholesterol. My oncologist prescribed a statin to lower my cholesterol.  It increased the hip pain.  I really like the ability to walk, so I have opted to lower my cholesterol without statin drugs. If you […]

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