Fun January Recognition Holidays | 15 Great Reasons to Send a Card and Gift

Today is Friday, which means I am spending my morning at Conroe Coffee helping clients create beautiful real paper greeting cards with their laptops or smart phones.  I look forward to Friday mornings because, let’s face it, greeting card senders are good people.

I love sending, and receiving cards.  This week I received New Years and Birthday cards from Angie, Joy, Babs, Steve and Becky.  Fun!

Back in 2014, I started curating lists of recognition holidays, reasons to send a cards gift, by month.  I wasn’t very consistent at it.  Lucky for me, SendOutCards, is now doing the curation!  Hopefully, since the hard part is being done for me, I’ll get better at remembering to share the list each month.

15 Great Reasons to Send Cards and Gifts in January 2016

  • January 8 to 14 is Letter Writing Week
  • January 1 is New Year’s Day.  It’s not too late to send out Happy New Year cards!
  • January 6 is Epiphany Day.
  • January 7 is Orthodox Christmas Day.
  • January 12 in National Pharmacists Day.
  • January 14 is Make your Dream Come True Day.  Oh the possibilities!
  • January 15 is my 46th birthday.  😀
  • January 18 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • January 19 is National Popcorn Day.  SendOutCards has some delicious popcorn you can send!
  • January 21 is National Hugging Day.  A greeting card is like a paper hug.  Really, it is.
  • January 22 is National Blonde Brownie Day.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Check out these yummy blond brownies.
  • January 23 is National Handwriting Day.  I hate my handwriting.  I think I’ll skip this day.
  • January 24 is Compliment Day.  Darling, you look marvelous!
  • January 26 is Spouse’s Day.  Yes, husbands and wives, you know what to do!
  • January 28 is Fun at Work Day.
Reasons to Send in January 2016

Reasons to Send in January 2016

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Close More Sales in 2016

As a business practice, sending a random card and gift to a client, or potential client, can be lucrative.

Jay McHugh can attest to the effectiveness of relationship marketing with greeting cards.  He is one of New England’s Top 5 Real Estate agents.  Jay will be in The Woodlands, Texas sharing some of his secrets on January 22, 2016 from noon to 1 pm at Spring Creek BBQ.

If you live in the greater Houston area, I’d love for you to be my guest.  You do not need to be a real estate agent to benefit from Jay’s sales advice.

There is a $5 cover charge for SendOutCards distributors, guests are free.  Lunch sold separately.

Register at Eventbrite:

Close More Sales in 2016 with Relationship Marketing

Close More Sales in 2016 with Relationship Marketing

Fun Friday Photo | Hang Out With Groovy People

I am typing this on Thursday night. I love being able to “schedule” my blog posts in advance.  Friday mornings I like to hang out with groovy people.  More on that in a bit.

I recently installed WordPress Editorial Plugin to ALL THREE of my blogs because it makes scheduling posts so easy.  Since I am currently doing a 31 day blogging challenge, scheduling is a necessity.  Today is day 9.  So far, so good!

Curious about what else I do?  I do still own and operate a successful custom furniture business, and last month I launched Handmade in Texas, a directory of artists and artisans.  Really, Handmade in Texas is just another platform that allows me to hang out with groovy people.

Fun Friday Photo

My daughter just walked into my office to ask me a question with half of her hair flat-ironed. She looks like Cruella Deville only more beautiful.


Yes, she KNOWS I posted this photo.  🙂  She’s a good sport.  Aren’t flat-irons great?

Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day

Friday mornings I host Cards and Coffee at Conroe Coffee. A group of us, and the group is different each week, get together and brainstorm relationship marketing ideas. We bring our laptops and create and send greeting cards.

Today’s tip is to find a group of people you enjoy being around and hang out with them!  I’m serious, your business will grow if you hang out with groovy people.

Surround yourself with talented, motivated, positive, groovy people.

If you don’t know any talented, motivated, positive, groovy people, join a club where these types of people congregate – like Toastmasters, or Lions, or Rotary.

I joined Toastmasters in 2006 because I wanted to hang out with groovy people.  My life is much different than it was before Toastmasters.  Groovy people change everything.

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3 In Store Marketing Ideas from a Coffee Shop Owner | Coffee & Cards Conversations | #blogboost

In Store Marketing Ideas I Learned from Conroe Coffee

Leo Harris owns Conroe Coffee in historic downtown Conroe, Texas.  I have watched Leo build her reputation locally since she opened her doors a little over a year ago.

Leo Harris, owner of Conroe Coffee, has a fun, quirky personality that is evident throughout her store, even when she is not there.

Leo Harris, owner of Conroe Coffee, has a fun, quirky personality that is evident throughout her store, even when she is not there.

We filmed the above video in December of 2013. In the ten months since, Conroe Coffee has thrived. Leo has gained a loyal following of clients and her coffee shop has a constant flow of customers coming through the doors.

It’s time to revisit this video, it’s lessons and what I’ve learned by watching Leo grow her business.

I picked up at least three valuable in store marketing ideas from Leo and Conroe Coffee that will help drive sales in any type of store:

1. Sometimes a little twist can make a huge difference.

Clients often offer the best advice, so listen to them. When Leo followed the advise of one of her customers by changing the name of her Sweet Potato Oatmeal muffin to Oatmeal Sweet Potato, they started flying out the door.  Always promote the more appealing features of a product.

2. KISS Your Clients.

KISS is an acronym for Keep it Simple Stupid, but really, it should be Keep it Simple and Special. Create an atmosphere in your store that makes your clients feel like they are the most important people in the world to you, because really, they are! Without clients, you’d be out of business!

3. Let Your Unique Personality Shine.

If you took the time to watch the video, you know that Leo has a very fun, quirky personality. She is one of the reasons her coffee shop has become so popular.  Even when she is not physically in the store, her personality shines through in every detail.

Do you own a retail store? What are some in store marketing ideas you have successfully used to promote a product? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

Leslie Guillermo on Cooking for Canines | Coffee & Cards Conversation 037

Montgomery, Texas resident and owner of MoCo Canine Concierge, Leslie Guillermo explains why her homemade dog treats are better than store bought.

The Hot Seat

37 Leslie Guillermo Coffee and Cards 300
Leslie answers these questions and more:

  • What is the difference between in-home dog boarding and boarding a dog at a commercial facility and why should I choose in-home?
  • I see commercials on TV for in-home dog boarding starting at $15 per night. How are these hosts’ pricing, qualifications, and procedures and amenities different than a professional dog boarders?
  •  What is all the buzz on your home made dog biscuits about?

Cards for Dogs

And the bonus question:

  • How have you used SendOutCards to market your business?

“I use SOC to stay in touch with my customers and send them information on what’s new in the business. For instance I can tell them about a special I’m having on my home made dog biscuits, I can remind them to book their dates for upcoming major holidays, and I can simply send them a random greeting letting them know how much I appreciate them and their business. I have also used them to send a thoughtful card at the passing of a furry friend or a new addition to the fur family. Of course, I love sending Holiday greetings to my customers.”

Connect with Leslie Guillermo

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Secrets to Healthy Living | Renu Agrawal, Holistic Health Coach | Podcast 009 | Coffee & Cards Conversation 036

The secret to living a healthier lifestyle is really not a secret. It’s just knowing where to find the answers.

Renu Agrawal says it’s about knowing yourself.  A Holistic Health Coach based in Magnolia, Texas, Renu received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She guides her clients into better health and wellness by identifying food, exercise and relationship blocks.

Let the Energy Flow

#36 Renu Coffee and Cards-300
Renu also integrates energy healing into her coaching sessions. According to ancient tradition, Prana, the sanskrit word for “life force,” regulates your blood flow and breathing. Pranic Healing and Reiki are two methods to direct the body’s energy towards self-healing. Renu is trained in both forms of energy healing.

When asked what she wishes Western people knew about Eastern healing, her simple answer:

“knowing yourself better, helps.”

Connect with Renu Agrawal

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

The challenge is to express gratitude to at least 1 person a day, anywhere in the world, for any reason, for 30 consecutive days by sending a real greeting card with a heartfelt message using the SendOutCards system. It is guaranteed to change your life.

Get Your Gratitude Geek

“I Made Dave Ramsey Cry” | Deanna Ooley Shares How She Eradicated $50,000 of Credit Card Debt | Podcast #007 | Coffee & Cards Conversation #035

Deanna Ooley, Personal Finance Management, is a Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor and winner of the 2012 Outstanding Financial Peace Coordinator of the Year award.  She shares some practical advice for eradicating debt.   It’s easier than you think.


“I Made Dave Ramsey Cry”

Dave Ramsey and Deanna Ooley, 2012 Outstanding Financial Peace Coordinator of the Year

Dave Ramsey and Deanna Ooley, 2012 Outstanding Financial Peace Coordinator of the Year

Deanna found Dave Ramsey my chance.   Following his 7 Step Financial Peace program, she eliminated $50,000 of personal credit card debt and is now 100% debt free.  She also found peace, in another way.   After sharing her story with Dave Ramsey on stage, tears were streaming down his face.  Play the podcast above to hear the story!

The One Thing You Must Do to Get Out of Debt

The first step to getting out of debt is to figure out how much you owe. You can’t do that, unless you write it down. The same can be said for goals and groceries. A goal is just a dream until you write it down.

Have you ever been to the grocery store without a list?

Yea, we all know how that goes.

Write it down!

Connect with Deanna Ooley

Deanna & Kandas

Deanna & Kandas

Get Your Gratitude Geek On

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday to the Gratitude Geek Podcast.

Coffee & Cards Conversations are filmed on location at Conroe Coffee and produced by Shane Rodarte.

Music by Brock Rodarte.

Kimberly DeVos Explains What You Need to Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease | Coffee & Cards Conversation #34

Kimberly Devos, Commercial Real Estate Broker with Cypressbrook Company in The Woodlands, Texas, explains what every new business owner needs to know before signing their first commercial lease.



Kim DeVos

Kim DeVos

Location, Location, Location

In his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki asserts the importance of location but recounting his poor Dad’s foray into entrepreuneurism.  Poor Dad opened an ice cream parlor in Hawaii.  Seems like a good idea, but he set up shop away from the tourist areas and quickly failed.  Location, location, location.

Safety Dance

Kim and I rocking out to Safety Dance did not make the final cut.  Too bad, so sad.  If you are aching to hear the iconic song by Men Without Hats, I recommend downloading the Safety Dance Club Mix.

Greeting Cards & Gifts


Live, Laugh, Love Journal and Journaling Cards from SendOutCards

Kim is also an independent Marketing Distributor with SendOutCards.   You can visit her greeting card and gift website to check out the amazing selection of gifts including flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and the “Live, Laugh, Love Journal and Journaling Cards” we featured in the video.

Connect with Kimberly DeVos


Coffee & Croissants

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday to the Gratitude Geek Podcast.

Coffee & Cards Conversations are filmed on location at Conroe Coffee and produced by Shane Rodarte.  Music by Brock Rodarte.

3 Mistakes People Make When Following Up with Pamela McCown, DTM | Coffee & Cards Conversation #33

“What gets scheduled gets done.” – Pamela McCown

Pamela McCown is a Distinguished Toastmaster and Past International Director for Toastmasters International.  She is the first person who comes to mind when I think about organization and follow up.   In this Coffee & Cards Conversation, she share the top 3 mistakes people make when following up and how to fix them.



Pamela McCown Coffee and Cards #33

Kiss the Alarm Clock

I explain the elements of a great birthday card.  You know, you can send amazing birthday cards with SendOutCards.

Pamela answers these questions:

  1. You are well known for being an ambassador for Toastmasters International, tell us how you became a Toastmaster and something you’ve learned about yourself along the leadership journey.
  2.  Beyond Toastmasters, I know that you are working on a project called “KISS THE ALARM CLOCK.”  Tell us about it.
  3.  A statement we have heard you make is: “WHAT GETS SCHEDULED GETS DONE.”   How do you keep your schedule from becoming overloaded?

 Connect with Pamela McCown

Pamela can be found online at  and

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday to the Gratitude Geek Podcast.

Coffee & Cards Conversations are filmed on location at Conroe Coffee in historic downtown Conroe, Texas.

Music by Brock Rodarte.

Produced by Shane Rodarte.