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Relationship Marketing on Facebook | podcast episode 33

Show 33 Quick Guide What is relationship marketing and why do you need it? My 3 rules for relationship marketing (see this post for the list). Squeaky chair! Mexican food is different in Texas than in California. Doing business good ole boy style. Waking up at 10 am. You can do anything you want if you have the ability to build relationships and credibility. Everybody is in sales.  Teachers sell the idea of learning to their students.  Chemists sell their research […]

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Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Does social media have you stumped? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare. How can you possibly stay on top of all these platforms? Never fear! A solution is here! The folks over at The Whole Brain Group put together a social media checklist for small and medium-sized businesses that is worth studying and implementing.  This is a truly awesomely useful infographic that helps you create your own personal social media strategy. I know it seems like a lot to digest for social […]

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