Can You Really Make Money from a Greeting Card App? | Infographic

Full disclosure:  I rarely ever do this, so bear with me.  I’m about to start typing about my favorite side hustle. I promise to keep it short but I DO make money from a greeting card app. Not only do I make money, I have fun, plus I make people feel good.

Last Tuesday, during a weekly networking meeting, I took an ussie with Pat, the owner of a local publication, and in less than 60 seconds I uploaded the photo to the cover of a greeting card, typed a witty message, and clicked send. Then, a real paper greeting card was printed, stuffed, stamped and mailed to Pat.

Took me 60 seconds. Someone else did the hard stuff.

Monday I received this in an email from Pat:

“You are so sweet, Kandas. Just got your card. What a fun business you have! I will be signing up with you soon- thanks for the smiles!!!”

Greeting cards aren’t just about making people feel good.  There is BIG money to be made. Don’t believe me?  Check out this infographic:

greeting card_info

If you’d like to cash in on a piece of that $8 billion dollar greeting card pie, head on over to my greeting card app website.  Be sure to watch the income opportunity video.  If you want to test drive the app, click on the three bars that look like a hamburger in the upper right corner and “send a free card.”

Your Turn to Talk

  • How many greeting cards do you send each year?  How many do you receive?
  • Do you have a side hustle?  Tell me one thing about it.
  • What do you like on your hamburger?  Fries, chips or potato salad on the side?

Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Does social media have you stumped? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare. How can you possibly stay on top of all these platforms?

Never fear! A solution is here!

The folks over at The Whole Brain Group put together a social media checklist for small and medium-sized businesses that is worth studying and implementing.  This is a truly awesomely useful infographic that helps you create your own personal social media strategy.

Awesomely useful #infographic to create your own personal social media strategy. #blogboost Click To Tweet

I know it seems like a lot to digest for social media newbies.  You do NOT have to do ALL these things!  Pick one or two platforms where you are comfortable and just start.  You won’t get anywhere until you start.

Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v.3.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]
You can download a printable pdf copy of this infographic by clicking on it and scrolling down to the bottom of the landing page. Look for the Next Steps text box.

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