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Personality Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Today, as we have since 1983, Americans celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a national holiday.  Students and employees around the country are encouraged to offer service to their community on this, the third Monday of January. Sharing a birthday with the civil rights icon (January 15th) piqued my curiosity about Dr. King at a very young age, and I have great respect for the man who was assassinated 2 years before I was born. Without […]

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Bossy Girls Grow Up to Be Leaders

I will never forget the day Keith Carlson told me our 7th grade Home Economics teacher said I was a bossy girl. We were sitting in our assigned “kitchenette” and I became indignant. That moment could have changed me. It might have crushed my confidence. Instead, I embraced the bossy girl in me. If you are raising a bossy girl, here are some tips to transition your perception of her bossiness into effective leadership. Signs That Your Daughter May Be […]

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