Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Does social media have you stumped? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare. How can you possibly stay on top of all these platforms?

Never fear! A solution is here!

The folks over at The Whole Brain Group put together a social media checklist for small and medium-sized businesses that is worth studying and implementing.  This is a truly awesomely useful infographic that helps you create your own personal social media strategy.

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I know it seems like a lot to digest for social media newbies.  You do NOT have to do ALL these things!  Pick one or two platforms where you are comfortable and just start.  You won’t get anywhere until you start.

Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v.3.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]
You can download a printable pdf copy of this infographic by clicking on it and scrolling down to the bottom of the landing page. Look for the Next Steps text box.

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Pyramid Scheme

The CAPITAL of Pyramid Schemes

This morning I received the following message from a LinkedIn connection after sharing my relationship marketing business opportunity with her.

Hi Kandas,

To be frank, I don’t do this sort of thing. I have my own business to maintain and grow.

This strikes me as a pyramid scheme, straight from the CAPITAL of pyramid schemes — where there are laws in place to help protect such scammers.

It looks like you have a wonderful thing going with the furniture business and I wish you much luck with that. Be careful with this Send Out Cards business. If you make a million, more power to you, but I hope you will be cautious.

Best of luck,


My response:

I wish it was possible to share a graphic in a LinkedIn message… however, since I can not, I can tell you that in my personal opinion, with the CEO at the top making all the money and the workers at the bottom making minimum wage, traditional business is the true pyramid scheme.

All direct sales and multilevel marketing companies are bound by strict laws and regulations.   SendOutCards is an exemplary example in an amazing industry that allows anyone to become rich by helping others become rich.

I completely respect your opinion and I wholeheartedly disagree.

Much success to you!


Pyramid Scheme

The CAPITAL of all Pyramid Schemes

Boba Fett and Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte

Boba Fett and Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte

About the Author:

Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte founded in 1999. She is a pioneer in online custom furniture sales, award-winning speaker, coffee lover, Sci-Fi fan, mom, NADA certified Archery instructor, Girl Scout leader and all-around groovy woman.  Not necessarily in that order.

When she isn’t hanging out with her good pal, Bobba Fett, Kandas can be found teaching small business owners how she grew her custom furniture business by replacing traditional advertising with an Appreciation Marketing System.