How to Drive more Organic Traffic to your Facebook Business Page

Back in March of 2016, over 16 months ago, I recorded this video and started writing this blog post sharing a few organic traffic tips gleaned from April Williams, Creative Brandista, at the Find Your Vibe to Attract Your Tribe Personal Branding Live Workshop I hosted the previous month.

As a result of implementing a few of April’s tips, over 11,000 people saw posts from my Facebook business page over a 7 day period.


In a nutshell, here are 3 big takeaways:

  1. Keep your business page and your personal profile separate.
  2. Use your real name, not the name of your direct sales or network marketing company,or your business page.
  3. Set up your business page as a “public figure.”

Of course, doing those three things won’t drive traffic to your Facebook page.  You have to create compelling content that gets shared.  In my case, I created a heart-felt call to spend Leap Day in service to others that created a small buzz.

Chemo Update

On a side note, I am so happy to have reclaimed most of my eyebrows after chemo made my hair fall out!  What a difference 16 months makes.  I’m not so thrilled about having to shave my legs again.

It is actually kind of groovy finding all these almost finished blog posts in my drafts.  There are 18 other partially written posts in there that can be updated and tweaked.  Chemo is a great excuse to be a slacker.  Though I still receive intravenous Herceptin treatments every three weeks, I can no longer claim chemo as an excuse, since the treatment I am receiving now doesn’t have the brain-fogging can’t-get-out-of-bed side-effects of Abraxane.  So, I will just be an excuse-less slacker if I don’t turn those drafts into awesome posts.

3 Tips to Stay Off Facebook So You Can Work on Your Business

If your social media posts are lacking engagement, you could be posting too much, according to nutrition business blogger Ruthann Giordano.  Staying at about 1 to 2  posts per day, 5 days a week is ideal as post engagement dropped dramatically after 2 posts per day.  So, if you really want to improve engagement on your business posts on Facebook, get off Facebook and get to work on your business.  Here are some tips that might help:

  1.  Use scheduling software life Buffer, Hootsuite, or my favorite, TinyTorch.  I like TinyTorch best because it allows me to post to Facebook events and groups.  For you direct sellers out there, imagine being able to throw a Hostess Party without doing any work.  Yeah, TinyTorch is the app for that.  Your first $10 is on me when you use this link.
  2. Uninstall the Facebook App from your phone.  Bahahaha.  Right.  But hey, use the right app for your business.  You should use the Facebook Pages app to post to your business page.
  3. Feeling lonely?  Leave your house and go to a networking event so you can meet and talk to real people.  GASP!

To recap, schedule your posts so you aren’t tempted to get sucked into the Facebook vortex, use the Pages app to post on the fly and interact with your audience, go meet people in person rather than cyber-stalking.


Four Blogging Lessons from 2016

I was not as consistent a blogger in 2016 as in previous years.  Total traffic was about half that of the previous year, mostly because I only added content 8 out of 12 months.

It’s alright.  I forgive myself.  I was out doing all the fun stuff about which I like to blog.

Even though I did not post as often as I would have liked, I did learn a lot about blogging this past year.  More on that in a bit…

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016

I was a tad bit surprised to see that three of the top 5 most viewed articles in 2016 are from previous years!

  1. 18 Gifts for Someone Going Through Chemo and Radiation (2016)
  2. I Am Statements Examples (2015)
  3. The CAPITAL of Pyramid Schemes (2013)
  4. Why You Need a Chemo Port (2014)
  5. Step-by-Step Guide to Offering Nutritional Advice to Chemo Patients (2016)

Blogging Lessons from 2016

Lesson One:  I want my blog to help people, and it seems I help the most when I write about my breast cancer experience.

Lesson Two:  Posts have sticking power.  I should go back and make sure those old posts are still relevant.

Lesson Three:  I spent a good deal of time and energy on my women who mean business interview series and not one of those interviews made the top 5 list.

Lesson Four:  Most folks who read this blog prefer to use the Facebook Comment Plugin, and they are missing out on a huge self-promotional opportunity.

How to Leave a Comment on a Blog

Sure, the Facebook Comment Plugin is there right there at the bottom of this post, I keep it there because I do not want to lose all the wonderful feedback I’ve received over the years, but it is NOT the best way to leave a comment on any blog because it links to your Facebook profile.  A better option is to scroll down just a tad bit more and use the WordPress comment box so that you can get a link back to your own website!

Why not try it now?  Scroll on down past the Facebook plugin and leave a comment.  Don’t forget to include your URL!

How to Sell without Selling

Today, I am hosting a workshop with Mark Herdering, author of Hanging Out for a Living, and learning how to grow a 100% referral based business.  How does that sound?  I will be sure to share my key take-aways next week.

Mark arrived from Portland, Oregon, last night, and we have a full couple of days scheduled.  It’s going to be a blast!  I intend to learn as much as I possibly can while he is here.

If you live near The Woodlands, Texas, come hang out with us at Black Walnut Cafe from 9:30 until noon on Saturday morning.

Sell without Selling

Building a referral based business is one way to avoid selling.  Another is to start helping.

A few days ago, my sister’s friend (who is now my friend because of Facebook) posted the following video to her wall and tagged me, because she thinks I am great at sales.

I don’t really consider myself great at sales.  I think I’m great at building rapport, and thinking outside the box, then teaching people how to apply that outside the box idea to their business.

To me, that’s not sales.  That’s helping.

The Door to Door Comedian

The man in the video, Kenny Brooks, is not selling, he is practicing his stand up comedy routine. He comes right out and says he took the job because comedian Jamie Foxx equated his two-year career as a door-to-door salesperson to a 4-year degree in communication.


Kenny Brooks is brilliant, and he will absolutely be a huge success when he is done with his self-education.

Video Credit: Sabrina Morgan

Don’t Sell, Help

So back to what my sister’s friend posted…  My response to her post was: “I don’t sell, I help.”

The other day, I spent the afternoon with a handful of lovely women, each a small business owner: personal trainer, paintball field owner, real estate agent, network marketer, jewelry designer. We spent the time sharing ideas about marketing, drinking coffee, and enjoying a cold winter afternoon in a charming coffee shop in a small Texas town.  Sure, I told them about my product, but that was just a small part of the conversation.

I do not sell, I help people, mostly folks with small businesses who need a little guidance with relationship marketing. If they buy from me that is a bonus. First and foremost I help.

How may I help you?

Renu Agrawal Shares 3 Lessons from Failure

Renu Agrawal, founder of ReNu Your Life, LLC, is an energy healer and certified holistic health coach.  Renu is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

We met several years ago when she visited my Toastmasters group.  Renu only attended one meeting, but we stayed in contact, and over time have developed a very strong friendship.  I very much admire her wit, and her willingness to learn, try new things, and grow.  She is generous, good-natured, and an amazing healer.

Learning from Failure

Renu has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years.  She shares how the Law of Attraction hindered her marketing efforts.

My biggest failure was in marketing when I opened a healing center in Connecticut in 2003 with a friend. We both were really good in our skills as healers but had no idea about marketing. We engaged a PR person, we gave out ads in local magazines (FB and social media were not as commonly used in 2003 – 2008), we participated in wellness fairs, etc. but we couldn’t even break even in 5 years.

What I learned as a result:

1. Stress pushes people away (the more we got desperate the more people didn’t show up)

2. We loved our “business” of healing and helping people but didn’t like sales and marketing. We were beating ourselves up for not being good in sales and marketing – now I know the Law of Attraction was fulfilling what we were thinking all the time.

3. The biggest thing I learned was what “not” to do in sales and marketing 🙂

Your Turn

What about you?  Have you ever failed?  What did you learn?

Hanging Out for a Living

The Art of Hanging Out for a Living

Hanging Out for a Living by Mark Herdering

Hanging Out for a Living by Mark Herdering

“Doing business is a game, the greatest game in the world if you know how to play it.” – Thomas Watson

The best way to learn how to play the game of business is to study.  So, I read listen to a lot of business books.  I also like a good story.  Most non-fiction is just so boring.  There are a few great business books out there that also tell a story.  Og Mandino and Tim Templeton are masters of non-fiction story telling.

You might not have heard of him, but in my humble opinion, Mark Herdering is up there with the great business parable authors of the ages.

“Hanging Out for a Living” by Mark Herdering is by far the best sales and marketing book I have ever read.  It’s a story about a man named Tyler who meets an unlikely mentor who teaches him the art of earning referrals.  It reads like a parable, or modern-day folk tale, explaining step-by-step exactly how to build a referral based business.

Hanging Out with Mark Herdering

Hanging Out with Mark Herdering

Hanging Out for a Living Workshop

I like Mark’s book so much that I invited him to fly in from Portland, Oregon to present a workshop in The Woodlands, Texas on Friday, January 13, 2017.  This event will help sales professionals and small business owners:

  • Become top-producers
  • Generate more referral-based business
  • Be a professional resource to others
  • Create strategic referrals and introductions
  • Improve business development efforts

If you live in the greater Houston area, and you want to build a referral based business, then you need to attend this paradigm shifting workshop on Friday, January 13, 2017 with Mark Herdering. Grab your ticket today and I’ll see you there!

Hanging Out for a Living

Click to Register for the Hanging Out for a Living Workshop

5 Publicity Tips from Thomas Edison

When you think about Thomas Edison, do you automatically wonder what publicity tips he might have to offer?

Yea, me neither.

And then, while on a recent trip to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, I discovered Thomas Edison’s real genius was not his inventions, it was his use of the media to his own advantage.

Which proves the point, if you pay attention, there are lessons to be learned everywhere you turn.

Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village, part of The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, is the home to 83 historic structures, including 10 dedicated to Thomas Edison.  The “Edison at Work” district includes the carbon shed, carpentry shop, glass house, laboratory, library, and machine shop from his Menlo Park complex in New Jersey.  His workshops were doing so much more than just inventing the lightbulb!

His workshops were doing so much more than just inventing the lightbulb! You can view a list of his most famous inventions here.

Thomas Alva Edison Statute. Photo by Kandas Rodarte.

Thomas Alva Edison Statue. Photo by Kandas Rodarte.

Publicity Tips from Edison

Because of all the exciting discoveries coming out of Menlo Park, scientific journals, newspapers,and reporters sought to interview Edison.  Here is how he used this press to his advantage, and you can, too:

  • Promote Public Image
  • Attract Financial Support
  • Scare Away Competitors
  • Learn About Competitors
  • Inform the Community
Publicity Tips by Thomas Edison. Photo by Kandas Rodarte.

Publicity Tips by Thomas Edison. Photo by Kandas Rodarte.

There Are No Accidents

“I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident.  They came by work.” – Thomas Edison

So, be on purpose with your public relations and marketing efforts. Do the work and reap the rewards.

Edison did the work. Kandas Rodarte did the photo.

Edison did the work. Kandas Rodarte did the photo.

A Candid Dialogue on Personal Branding

Much like these cows, I’m curious by nature.  I ask a lot of questions, even when I think I already know the answer.

Often times, questions lead to more questions.  Take for example…

…the following dialogue that occurred on Facebook. Lea, Stephanie and I attended the same high school and have not seen each other in person since.

The script is verbatim and has not been altered in any way, except formatting.

Kandas: If you could ask a successful business owner anything, what would you ask?

Lea: What is your brand? What one word describes who you are and what you represent? I want to know where they are going.

Kandas: Excellent question!

Lea: Every person should have a brand. They should adamantly know who they are as a person and what they want to present to the world (client, partner, etc.)

Lea: What is your brand Kandas?

Kandas: That’s easy. Kandas Rodarte, Gratitude Geek

Lea: Kandas, I would say more of passionate, enthusiastic, optimistic, achiever, there’s so many more. It’s the person you want to project. Professional branding is different than personal branding.

Lea: Me? I would Brand you as amazing.

Stephanie: I refuse to have a brand and I hate when people ask me this question.

Lea: Oh but everyone does my dear. I love this personal brand thing and I am currently studying it diligently. Brandless or not – I love you. See there’s your brand. You’re lovable!

Stephanie: Other people can brand me all they want (lol, good luck). I’m not here for that.

I share this dialogue because I find it fascinating, and if I find it such, perhaps there are others out there who can benefit from continuing the conversation.

Personal Branding Defined

Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personalbranding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. – Wikipedia

My friend, April Williams, teaches personal branding concepts.  You should follow April on Instagram.  April believes personal branding goes beyond just a single word, as Lea suggested.  She includes traditional marketing concept such as color and font choice in her definition.

What’s YOUR Brand?

I told you I’m curious!

Do you have a personal brand, or are you like Stephanie and refuse to be defined by one?

Leave your answer in the comments.