30 Years in Business with Nothing to Show for It

Big day today.

We turned over the keys to the warehouse that served as our furniture studio for over 16 years, to the landlord.   My husband spent the past 30 years as full-time professional furniture maker. When we married, we became business partners, as well as, spouses.

Shane made beautiful custom furniture for the homes of movie stars, country music superstars, Fortune 500 executives across the United States plus a few exotic locations like the Bahamas and Panama.  Our clients will enjoy their handcrafted furniture for years to come, as it was built to last for generations.

We, however, have nothing to show for the decades of hard work we put in to building our brand and our product line.  Once we finish liquidating our assets, we will never receive another penny from all that work.

We also own a network marketing company and today we hit a milestone in that business.  I told you it was a big day.

For the past several weeks we have packed and purged and moved out of the furniture studio.  We haven’t had a lot of time for other things.  I have helped my network marketing team in small pockets of time, mostly via text message. However, I have not been working that business all that much.  And yet, we hit this financial milestone today.

With our custom furniture business, if I wasn’t hustling sales and Shane wasn’t crafting furniture, we weren’t making money.

Our network marketing business keeps sending us checks, every month (or week) because we did the work 5 years ago, or 5 weeks ago.  We did the work once, we keep getting paid.  That’s called residual income.

Now that we are (almost) done closing the furniture studio, I can spend more time teaching folks how to earn residual income, because it is rewarding.

Today I also realized just how much our furniture business owned our lives.  Our networking marketing business makes our lives fun.

Today was a big day.

How to Drive more Organic Traffic to your Facebook Business Page

Back in March of 2016, over 16 months ago, I recorded this video and started writing this blog post sharing a few organic traffic tips gleaned from April Williams, Creative Brandista, at the Find Your Vibe to Attract Your Tribe Personal Branding Live Workshop I hosted the previous month.

As a result of implementing a few of April’s tips, over 11,000 people saw posts from my Facebook business page over a 7 day period.


In a nutshell, here are 3 big takeaways:

  1. Keep your business page and your personal profile separate.
  2. Use your real name, not the name of your direct sales or network marketing company,or your business page.
  3. Set up your business page as a “public figure.”

Of course, doing those three things won’t drive traffic to your Facebook page.  You have to create compelling content that gets shared.  In my case, I created a heart-felt call to spend Leap Day in service to others that created a small buzz.

Chemo Update

On a side note, I am so happy to have reclaimed most of my eyebrows after chemo made my hair fall out!  What a difference 16 months makes.  I’m not so thrilled about having to shave my legs again.

It is actually kind of groovy finding all these almost finished blog posts in my drafts.  There are 18 other partially written posts in there that can be updated and tweaked.  Chemo is a great excuse to be a slacker.  Though I still receive intravenous Herceptin treatments every three weeks, I can no longer claim chemo as an excuse, since the treatment I am receiving now doesn’t have the brain-fogging can’t-get-out-of-bed side-effects of Abraxane.  So, I will just be an excuse-less slacker if I don’t turn those drafts into awesome posts.

How to Personally Sponsor 5 Distributors into Your Network Marketing Business in 4 Days

Growing a network marketing business requires filling empty seats at a presentation.  Until they see a presentation, a person can not decide, yes or no, about an opportunity.  Yes is great.  No is good, too.  We are all taught that it is a funneling process!  The more seats you fill, the more decisions made.

Recently, my business partner Susie Glennan, did a push to earn VIP status at our company’s annual convention this coming September. There were a couple of specific goals she needed to reach to earn VIP, and she worked her tail off.  As a result of her extraordinary effort, Susie was able to sponsor 5 distributors into her organization in just 4 days.

Susie’s Story

Here is Susie’s story in her own words:

Last Thursday one of my customers called and met me at Starbucks to see how to make money with (my opportunity). I showed him the (presentation). He upgraded to preferred customer and was considering signing up as a distributor. He thought his brother would also like (the business). WHILE AT Starbucks, a really friendly woman and her girlfriends started chatting with me, so I showed them the APP. I took a photo of all three of them and sent cards to all three of them.

In the meantime, my customer was at the next table and downloaded the APP. I bounced between tables showing everyone how it works.

Apparently…sending photos on cards and putting photos on bulk cards to sell was just what the ladies were talking about. My customer didn’t sign up, but by Friday, one of the ladies met with me again. Her name is LaVonda. We spent 3 hours chatting and she wanted to sign up!

Saturday we got back together to sign her up and while we were going over final details her church group came into Starbucks, so I showed some of them the APP and told them about LaVonda’s new biz. They LOVED it! LaVonda and I have plans for her first gathering…This woman made it happen! She’s a Preferred Customer and Distributor but hoping to upgrade to a bundle in the next week or so!!! AND her friend who was there the first day said she’s going to be her first customer.

Honestly, I started off last August re-learning how to network and get back in the game. I received good advice from my networking group and followed it. Recently, we had the first VIP contest and I got it in my mind that I had to win. It didn’t happen. When it came around a second time I had many customers on the fence or they kept waiting to raise the funds. So I asked everyone I could if they were ready to sign up or if they could do me a favor, sign up, and see if they like it to help me make VIP.

While I didn’t qualify for VIP or Sr. Mgr. because of volume, it started a flurry in my business and I’ve received several calls to help customers upgrade and/or learn to use the system better in just one day because of my phone calls the day before. Other things that happened because of my flurry of calls to everyone yesterday…Someone I don’t know contacted me to learn about SOC and some of my friends who are customers are now considering signing up.

It’s a numbers game people and the momentum changes how we appear to others because we’re on this forward flowing motion and people feel it.

Nuggets of Wisdom

There are three nuggets to take away from Susie’s story:

  1.  Planting seeds does not reap immediate results.  Seeds need nurturing to germinate and grow. When they bloom, it will be worth it.
  2. Listen to your peers.  Susie asked her networking group for advice, which she followed.
  3. Follow up.  Follow up.  Follow up.  These 5 distributors didn’t sign themselves up, Susie called them and asked if they were ready.

Okay, so really there are more than 3 nuggets.  Here is another:  Stay in forward flowing motion!

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Houston-Area Events to Kick-Start Sales in 2016

There are three types of marketing you must practice if you want to kick-start sales in 2016:  traditional marketing, attraction marketing, and relationship marketing.  Using all three marketing approaches will keep your sales funnel full.

In very simple terms, traditional marketing is your business card, flyers, brochures and logo.  Attraction marketing is your personal brand, the things you do that make you interesting enough to others that they want to work with you.  Relationship marketing is showing appreciation for, and interest in, your potential and existing clients.

If you live in the Greater Houston area, you have several opportunities over the next few weeks to learn from masters of traditional, attraction and relationship marketing:

Close More Sales in 2016 with Relationship Marketing

Jay McHugh can attest to the effectiveness of relationship marketing.  He is one of New England’s Top 5 Real Estate agents.  Jay will be in The Woodlands, Texas sharing some of his secrets on January 22, 2016 from noon to 1 pm at Spring Creek BBQ.

If you live in the greater Houston area, come as my guest.  You do not need to be a real estate agent to benefit from Jay’s sales advice.

There is a $5 cover charge for SendOutCards distributors, guests are free.  Lunch sold separately.

Register at Eventbrite:  http://momgeek.com/sellmore2016

Close More Sales in 2016 with Relationship Marketing

Close More Sales in 2016 with Relationship Marketing

Promptings Academy

promptings acadmey postcard

Kody Bateman, CEO of SendOutCards, will teach you how to find the best version of yourself and then give yourself away. This is a life changing, must attend event for anyone.

January 23rd from 9 to 5 at the Marriot at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Cost is just $29.95. I have paid $500 for similar events.

Be sure to list Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte as the person who referred you. http://momgeek.com/promptings


Find Your Vibe to Attract Your Tribe Personal Branding Workshop


Conroe Wealthy Sisters Network Presents Find Your Vibe to Attract Your Tribe Personal Branding Workshop featuring attraction marketing trainer April Williams.

February 6, 2016 from 10 to 2 pm in Conroe, Texas.

April Williams, will share secrets to personal branding she used to become a 6-figure earner in network marketing.  As an added bonus, Ashley Thomas with Fire Ant Marketing will share tips on maximizing your traditional marketing efforts.

$39 includes lunch, makeover and head shots. This event is for any business owner, traditional or direct sales or MLM.

Register at MomGeek.com/vibe


Arletta Duke | 30 Women Who Mean Business Series

Arletta Duke is an independent Consultant with Pure Romance, an in-home party company specializing in relationship-enhancing products.

Describe your business in 3 to 5 sentences.
I empower, educate and entertain women through in home shows of bedroom enhancement accessories and fun.

How did you get started in your business?
I met a Pure Romance rep at a networking meeting.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in your business?
Fear that others would judge me unfairly.

How has this hurdle made you better?
I’ve accepted that there will always be those who judge you unfairly but staying true to one’s self is priceless. I’ve also learned to Fear nothing but Fear itself and I will be able to accomplish anything.

Best book for personal and business growth?

What does gratitude mean to you?
Gratitude is priceless. Whether it’s me giving it or receiving it from others.

Who do you appreciate? Why?
My husband and my close group of friends that support me through the good and rough times. Why? Because they are honest & compassionate even when I really don’t want to hear what they have to say.

Anything else you’d like to add or include?
Always try for your dreams, so your regrets will be fewer.

Arletta Duke, Independent Pure Romance Consultant

Arletta Duke, Independent Pure Romance Consultant

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Your Turn to Type

Share in the comments about a time when someone gave you advice you needed to hear before you were ready to listen.

Periscope for Network Marketing

Are you in Network Marketing?

Are you following your company’s leaders on Periscope?

MLM leaders are embracing Periscope, a new video social networking platform from Twitter.

Periscope is a real-time video platform.  You need a Twitter account to use it.

If you want to share something live with the world, you can broadcast.

If you want to be a fly on the wall while someone else does something interesting, you can watch their broadcast.

Pretty straight forward concept.

Periscope for Network Marketing

Watch live video from any smart phone.

Watch live video from any smart phone.

MLM leaders use Periscope for real-time network marketing training.  I like to watch my favorite company leaders as they show our business opportunity to real people.

I learned many years ago that to be successful in Network Marketing I need to do what the leaders do.  They became leaders because they followed a system.  Systems work.

Periscope has a myriad of other uses beside real-time network marketing training.

Sports teams can use it to engage their fans.

Businesses can use it to entice their clients.

I plan to use it with my art blog, Handmade in Texas, to engage artists and art lovers, by live streaming from markets and art events around Texas.

Check out these 5 Quick Tips for Using Periscope.

Your Turn to Type

  • Who do you follow on Periscope?
  • Share what you love about network marketing.
  • Have you ever ridden in a submarine?

Claire Peters | 30 Women Who Mean Business Series

Claire Peters is the owner Paparazzi by Claire, and the President of the Senior Sisters Chapter of Wealthy Sisters Network.

Tell us a little about your business.

I am in the business of making women feel beautiful with Paparazzi Jewelry, and for just $5 each the ladies don’t feel one bit guilty purchasing them. Jaws drop when our ladies see and wear Paparazzi Jewelry – we have even seen celebrities wearing it!

Why did you choose Paparazzi?

I bought several pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry, loved it, and decided I wanted to be part of this company.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in your business?

My hurdle had to do with adding consultants to my team. I didn’t seem to be able to convert prospective consultants.

How has this hurdle made you better?

I spent some time with Becky Spieth, my business coach, and she totally re-grouped me and gave me the tools I needed.

What are your top three books for business and personal growth?

What does gratitude mean to you?

I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful to be active and able to do what I want to do, at age 75. I am grateful that my husband respects my desire to grow Paparazzi, and now a new business – I am now taking a course to be certified as a life coach. I am grateful for everything that is positive in my life – and there is much!

I am grateful to be active and able to do what I want to do, at age 75. - @paparazziclaire Click To Tweet


Who do you appreciate?

I appreciate my husband, my friends who encourage me, and the mentors in my life, both within Paparazzi Jewelry and outside of it. Doors have opened and I appreciate being able to walk through them.

What else would you like to add?

In addition to my passion of being a Paparazzi jewelry consultant and Team Leader, I have yet another passion. I have been named president of the Senior Sisters Chapter of the Wealthy Sisters Network. Starting in early May I will be the host of the monthly Senior Sisters Town Hall conference calls, in which I hope to engage with, inform, educate, and empower women over the age of 60, with the help of various experts, and the audience members themselves.

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3 Relationship Marketing Rules

We received a great Christmas gift via Twitter from a client over at ShaKa Studios. Through all the hustle and bustle, the small things we do consistently over time, to create great relationships with our clients, continue to yield positive results.

Today, I am sharing my 3 Relationship Marketing rules.

Relationship Marketing Means More Loyal Clients

Relationship marketing is about creating relationships with your clients.  When you have a relationship, your client is more likely to do business with you again, and even refer business your way. If you are really lucky, they might just talk about you on social media.

When you have a relationship, your client is more likely to do business with you again, and even refer… Click To Tweet

So, how do you create these relationships?

I built my entire 27 year sales career around relationships.  It started at my very first job, as an assistant store manager in a clothing boutique, and continues today.  You just need to remember three rules to create great relationships with your clients:

  1. Be genuine. It helps if you are genuinely nice.
  2. Be transparent. Share a bit of your personal life. Just a bit.
  3. Say “Thank You” often and with enthusiasm.

I send a thank you card and small gift, usually yummy Sea Salt Caramel from SendOutCards, to each of our custom furniture clients over at ShaKa Studios.  Here is a tweet from one client on Christmas eve:

I’d say that was a pretty groovy Christmas gift our client gave us, eh?

Your turn. How do YOU build relationships with your clients?