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7 Moms Share How They Juggle Work and Family

Running a business is hard enough. Throw parenting into the mix and things can get hectic. So, I asked a group of successful mompreneurs who belong to Connecting Conroe Business Women, the networking group I facilitate, to weigh in on the big question:  HOw do you juggle work and family? Side Note:  If you are looking for a networking group in Montgomery County, Texas, you can find Connecting Conroe Business Women on Meetup and Facebook. How to Juggle Work and […]

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Bossy Girls Grow Up to Be Leaders

I will never forget the day Keith Carlson told me our 7th grade Home Economics teacher said I was a bossy girl. We were sitting in our assigned “kitchenette” and I became indignant. That moment could have changed me. It might have crushed my confidence. Instead, I embraced the bossy girl in me. If you are raising a bossy girl, here are some tips to transition your perception of her bossiness into effective leadership. Signs That Your Daughter May Be […]

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Scared to Fail

by Amy Edmonson I remember the first day of kindergarten. It felt like I didn’t sleep the night before. My mind went through everything that could go wrong. I would forget how to spell my name. I would trip in front of everyone. I would miss my bus. But the worst was I was horrified that no one would like me. I would be different. I would have on clothes that would be different and make me look like a […]

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