Lunch & Learn: What is Clean Eating? with Renu Agrawal | Podcast Episode 38

Today’s lunch and learn episode was recorded live during the June 4, 2015 meeting of the Connecting Conroe Business Women.

What is Clean Eating?

Our speaker, Renu Agrawal, is a certified holistic health coach. Her teachers include Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Renu loves to work with women who are looking for easy and fun solutions for their health issues, especially pain and weight management.

Though the topic of the lunch and learn is clean eating, Renu’s talk begins with a short meditation. Find a comfortable spot, plant your feet on the ground and have a listen.


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Holistic Health Coach Renu Agrawal discussing What is Clean Eating

Holistic Health Coach Renu Agrawal discussing What is Clean Eating

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Radiation Cream for Breast Cancer Reviews, Part 2 | Battling Bertha

Taking a break from the 30 Women Who Mean Business Series today to share part 2 of my radiation cream for breast cancer video reviews.  Part 1 was filmed 6 months, ago!

I have had a box of radiation creams on my desk, waiting for me to film this second video, for 6 months.  Yes, 6 months.

Radiation Therapy is tough, and I am still feeling the effects months later.  The main culprit is fatigue.  I seem to have more ambition than energy.  Also, I still have fluid in my breast that was evident on my CT scan after surgery.  My blood work is within the “fine” range though my white blood cell count has been consistently low for several months.  Just not low enough to cause alarm for the oncologist.  I do have a PET scan scheduled this week.

All that aside, I filmed this video today to share my experience with different radiation relief creams:


CAUTION: Do not use any product on your breast or armpit in the three hours prior to your radiation therapy. The radiation could react with the cream and that’s not good. Also, you should not shave your armpits until you have completed all your treatments.


And the best overall radiation cream for breast cancer is:


Ann’s Herbals Herbal Salve is a wonderful radiation cream for breast cancer.

Gary Valmain answers “How to Keep My Computer Safe on the Internet” | podcast 35

Gary Valmain is considered by many to be the foremost expert on desktop computers in Montgomery County, Texas. His company, Computerwurks, has been helping businesses and individuals with desktop computer support since 1999.   In this podcast episode, Gary shares his tips for keeping your personal computer safe and running smoothly.

Show 35 Quick Guide

  • The average person should hire a professional to set up their new Windows 8 computer.
  • Internet Explorer has serious security flaws.
  • Chrome is becoming too bloated and Firefox may become the go to browser.
  • How to keep my computer safe on the internet?
  • Gary explains malware, spyware, viruses and worms in very layman’s terms.
  • The first line of defense in protecting a computer is the user.
  • Free anti-virus and anti-spyware software top suggestions.
  • Cloud computing is an old concept that has been reinvented.
  • There is a whole lotta money in writing computer viruses.
  • Tips for contracting the best computer desktop support and repair service provider for small businesses without an internal IT department.
Gary Valmain of Computer Wurks in Conroe, Texas

Gary Valmain of Computer Wurks in Conroe, Texas

Connect with Gary Valmain

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Following Up with Leads | podcast episode 34


Show 34 Quick Guide


Kody Bateman’s tips for mastering relationships in business:

  • Make a list of everyone you know and put them in a contact manager.
  • Categorize your list into 3 categories: 1) contacts 2) prospects 3) customers
  • Always add people to your list and move them through the 3 categories.
  • Take detailed notes on all of your contacts.
  • Reach out in the spirit of RELATIONSHIP 80% of the time and in the spirit of MARKETING 20% of the time.
  • Build your personal brand with friendship, celebration and service.
  • Use the 4 methods of communication to reach out regularly to your lists.
  • Always be in the spirit of service. GIVE for the sake of GIVING and you will attract what you GIVE.
  • Listen more than you speak and always make it about them and how you can help them.

Action Steps for Following Up with Leads

Action Step 1: Every time you connect with someone, write down in your calendar, or your contact manager the date you are going to make your next connection and HOW – text, phone, email, greeting card, in person.

Action Step 2: Right now, think of 2 or 3 people who you can reach out in kindness towards today, and do it. Send them a referral, or a gift, or just a quick text message asking how they are doing and that you are thinking of them. Don’t try to sell them anything, make it all about them.

Action Step 3:  Join me for the Master Relationship Marketing Seminar in Houston, April 17-18, 2015.

Feedback Request

What would you do if you received this e-mail?

Subject: Congratulations Chamber Member since 2014

Dear Friend:

Do you need coverage for — LIFE=DISABILITY INCOME=LONG TERM CARE= and other areas of concern. Your FAMILY, your BUSINESS and YOU may need assistance reaching for

the options to meet or exceed expectations! Call or email me and I will assist you looking for THE AN$WER———-

With best regards, I am



Leave a comment and let me know how you would respond to Jim.

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Relationship Marketing on Facebook | podcast episode 33

Show 33 Quick Guide

  • What is relationship marketing and why do you need it?
  • My 3 rules for relationship marketing (see this post for the list).
  • Squeaky chair!
  • Mexican food is different in Texas than in California.
  • Doing business good ole boy style.
  • Waking up at 10 am.
  • You can do anything you want if you have the ability to build relationships and credibility.
  • Everybody is in sales.  Teachers sell the idea of learning to their students.  Chemists sell their research projects.  You are either selling yourself, an idea, or a product, or all three.
  • Relationship marketing on Facebook 101:  Facebook groups are a great place to cultivate relationships so don’t blow it by posting ads.
Facebook groups are a great place to cultivate relationships, don't blow it by posting ads. Click To Tweet

Feedback Request

  • Do you like this new podcast format or do you prefer interviews?
  • What is the average length of podcast that you normally listen to?
  • Do you listen on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM or some place else?

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Fallen Hero Memorial Chest Fund with Shane Rodarte | Podcast Episode 32

My guest today is my business partner for the past 17 years, Shane Rodarte, President and co-founder of Shaka Studios Custom Furniture. Shane has been a full-time professional furniture maker for almost 30 years. He is also my husband.

Working with your spouse can be an entire series of podcasts, so we aren’t going to talk about that today. Instead, we are sharing a project that is near and dear to our hearts.

Shane and I recently launched the Fallen Hero Memorial Chest Fund on Indiegogo. Our mission is to build and deliver handcrafted solid cherry heirloom memorial chests to families who have lost a loved one in service of our country.

The first three Fallen Hero Memorial Chests will be given to the families of these brave servicemen.

The first three Fallen Hero Memorial Chests will be given to the families of these brave servicemen.

To learn more, or give the to fund, visit

Houston custom furniture biz @ShaKaStudios wants to give memorial chests to 15 Texas Gold Star Families. Click To Tweet


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Essential Oils for Everyday Living with Kelly Taylor | Podcast Episode 31

Essential Oils for Everyday Living

Listen in to this recording of a lunch and learn hosted by Kelly Taylor, certified herbalist and aromatherapist on Essential Oils for Everyday Living.  Kelly Taylor owns Cassia Aromatics, offering a full-line of top quality essential oils and synergistic essential oil blends.

Most importantly, she is a member of my Battling Bertha team!

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Connect with Kelly Taylor

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This article is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Selling Art at Markets | Podcast Episode 29

Adam Rineer shows off his new painting from artist Kelly Walker

Adam Rineer shows off his new painting from artist Kelley Walker

Who Buys Art?

Today’s show is a little different. First the interviews (yes, with an s) were recorded on location at First Saturday Arts market in historic Houston heights.

First Saturday Arts Market has been going strong for 10 years. It’s a very family friendly venue, great food trucks, lots of artists and even better, lots of buyers.

That’s right, artists, there IS a buyer for your art out there.

While at the market, I picked the brains of three artists with knock your socks off work on display about what new artists need to know before showing at market.

  • Michelle Bowers, a self-taught fiber artist from Katy, Texas, offers practical advice.
  • Sergio Santos, a mixed media artist from Cypress, Texas, suggests seeking the counsel of other artists.
  • Ellie Teramoto, fine art photographer, also in Cypress, Texas, reminds us that it’s about the art.
Potter John Delafield Selling Art at Market

Potter John Delafield Selling Art at Market

Checklist for Artists New to Selling at Markets

John Delafield is a potter in the Houston area, whom I also met at First Saturday Arts Market. Unfortunately, I was not able to do an audio interview with John, but he did share this great check list for new artists:

  • Make your art.
  • Develop a line of products or a style of art.
  • Take it to a market and see what happens.
  • Pay attention to what other artists are doing.
  • Pay attention to what people are buying.
  • Of your products what draws people in and what sells?
  • What prices move your product the quickest?
  • You have to do what you are passionate about but you also have to sell it for what people are willing to pay. The only way to figure this out is to jump in and give it a try.
  • You also need to find the right outlets. If an art show isn’t for you, would a gallery be better? What about a craft show?
  • Take enough product as the average shopper wants to have a selection. If you only have a few things your shoppers might think they are looking at the leftovers. For a shopper, part of their experience is to meet the artist and maker of the art.
  • You have to have your best energy there. Be available but not intrusive to the buyer. Be ready for a quick friendly visit but let them move on when they are ready.
  • If you have trouble being friendly, take a friend along who can help you present your work
  • Create your pitch: Have a couple of standard things you can tell them about your work as a form of introduction.

If you have trouble figuring out what to say to potential clients, I offer a free 25-minute pitch workshop on demand that will help you craft a few points about your art.

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