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Radiation Cream for Breast Cancer Reviews, Part 2 | Battling Bertha

Taking a break from the 30 Women Who Mean Business Series today to share part 2 of my radiation cream for breast cancer video reviews.  Part 1 was filmed 6 months, ago! I have had a box of radiation creams on my desk, waiting for me to film this second video, for 6 months.  Yes, 6 months. Radiation Therapy is tough, and I am still feeling the effects months later.  The main culprit is fatigue.  I seem to have more ambition […]

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Better Blog Graphics with Canva

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve been using Corel Paint Shop Pro (affiliate link) for years. Fifteen years. I was an ardent believer that it was the only graphic program I needed. My husband and daughter, both artists, prefer Adobe Photoshop (affiliate link) and a few months ago I finally broke down and tried it.  After getting over the initial frustration of learning a new program I decided I liked it better than PSP. Honestly, though, […]

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Radiation Relief Cream Reviews | Battling Bertha 13 | #blogboost

Today, I completed my 9th of 36 session of  “radiation therapy.”  Seriously.  They call it therapy.  I have 27 treatments to go.  Treatment.  Also not the right word. In the realm of too-much-information, here are some intimate details about my boob.  Radiation is not a boobs’ friend.  My nipple and areola are swollen, red, hot and sore.   I have tried several remedies for relief and in today’s video I give a candid review of three radiation relief creams.  You […]

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