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Cash Back on Groceries When You Shop with Friends

My friend, Cynthia, introduced me to a rebate app called Ibotta. Get it? Ibotta I bought a… Haha.  Funny. Cynthia has used the app to earn cash back on groceries.  Who doesn’t love cash back? I gotta (get it? Ibotta, gotta) tell you that I suck at remembering to use the darn app but when I do (after I get home from the store) I always find money.  Today, I found $2 on groceries I purchased on Monday.  Imagine how […]

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Teenagers and Technology | Guest Post

The Nerds Syndicate by Devin Stafford In the world there are things that are just destined to be together, peanut butter and jelly, gum and the bottom of your shoe, cheese and pizza, apples and cheese (if you don’t believe me just try it) and of course, teenagers and technology.  Now many parents groan when they hear technology and teenagers in the same sentence, and who would blame them? When we teenagers have our technology it’s like the world disappears, […]

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