How to Grow Your MLM Tribe with Relationship Marketing | Coffee, Cards and Conversations Season 2 Episode 1

Coffee, Cards and Conversations, Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of Coffee, Cards and Conversations!

Season 1 ended in April of 2014 due to a breast cancer diagnosis.  After a short 3.5 year break from filming we are back with seven all new interviews with business professionals sharing how they use greeting cards in their relationship marketing strategy.

A huge thank you to Abegail Navalta with Are U Kidding Me Productions for filming and producing this season of business interviews.

So let’s get on with episode one!

Grow Your MLM Tribe with Relationship Marketing

Jane Summa is a network marketer out of Spring, Texas.  Jane brilliantly uses relationship marketing to create a tribe of friends and business associates around the country.

“I joined my network marketing opportunity at the age of 40 when I realized my husband and I aren’t getting any younger and why was I working a J.O.B. the way I was, and only the owner was benefiting,” explains Jane.

Jane and I had a blast discussing relationship marketing best practices for network marketing, multi-level marketing and direct sales.  You will learn a lot from her wisdom in this interview:

Connect with Jane Summa

To learn more about the greeting card and gifting service mentioned in this interview, get back to the person who invited you to watch this video.

Improve Your Happiness Level by 14.1%

According to Randall Bell of Landmark Research and psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, sending a heart-felt greeting card can give you a 14.1% improved chance of being happy.  I send real paper greeting cards everyday, from an app on my phone, and I’m a pretty happy chick, so I think they are on to something.

Bell and Lombardo also to share 5 other surprisingly simple and inexpensive ways to increase happiness in this July 2017 segment on the Today Show.



8 Brilliant Leadership Lessons from “The Boss”

Bruce Springsteen demonstrates everything, I mean EVERYTHING, you need to know about leadership in just under 9 minutes during a 2013 concert in Germany.

Almost everyone knows Bruce Springsteen is “The Boss,”  a nickname acquired in the early stages of his career for serving as paymaster for his band after gigs.  He may not have liked the moniker at the beginning, but he certainly owns it today.  Heck, even Prince admired Springsteen’s band leadership.

Leadership Lessons from Bruce Springsteen

An audience member in Leipzig, Germany, challenged Springsteen to play “Never Can Tell,” a song his band had never played together.  After consultation with lead guitarist Steven Van Zandt, experimentation with a few different keys, and eventually switching guitars, The Boss was ready to teach the song to the band.  As he coached the E-Street Horns, he invited the audience to take part, until everyone was singing along.  When he was confident the band was ready, he launched into the song, asking members of his band to show off their command of the melody one by one.  It is a toe-tapping display of brilliant leadership in just under 9 minutes.


Let’s recap the 8 brilliant leadership lessons in this 9-minute Bruce Springsteen music video:

  1. Say Yes to Challenges
  2. Experiment and Collaborate
  3. Use the Best Tools and People
  4. Coach Your Team and Cheer Them On
  5. Get Everyone Involved
  6. Launch at the Right Time
  7. Trust Your Team and Let Them Shine
  8. Have Fun

C’est la vie!


How to Drive more Organic Traffic to your Facebook Business Page

Back in March of 2016, over 16 months ago, I recorded this video and started writing this blog post sharing a few organic traffic tips gleaned from April Williams, Creative Brandista, at the Find Your Vibe to Attract Your Tribe Personal Branding Live Workshop I hosted the previous month.

As a result of implementing a few of April’s tips, over 11,000 people saw posts from my Facebook business page over a 7 day period.


In a nutshell, here are 3 big takeaways:

  1. Keep your business page and your personal profile separate.
  2. Use your real name, not the name of your direct sales or network marketing company,or your business page.
  3. Set up your business page as a “public figure.”

Of course, doing those three things won’t drive traffic to your Facebook page.  You have to create compelling content that gets shared.  In my case, I created a heart-felt call to spend Leap Day in service to others that created a small buzz.

Chemo Update

On a side note, I am so happy to have reclaimed most of my eyebrows after chemo made my hair fall out!  What a difference 16 months makes.  I’m not so thrilled about having to shave my legs again.

It is actually kind of groovy finding all these almost finished blog posts in my drafts.  There are 18 other partially written posts in there that can be updated and tweaked.  Chemo is a great excuse to be a slacker.  Though I still receive intravenous Herceptin treatments every three weeks, I can no longer claim chemo as an excuse, since the treatment I am receiving now doesn’t have the brain-fogging can’t-get-out-of-bed side-effects of Abraxane.  So, I will just be an excuse-less slacker if I don’t turn those drafts into awesome posts.

6 Degrees of Lemonade

“You just can’t plant a seed and walk away, you have to be willing to water it, to fertilize it, and need be, you gotta go out and buy it a grow lamp.” – Kevin Bacon

My husband tells me I should write a book called “Turning Lemons into Lemonade.” In fact, people tell me all the time I should write a book. One day, maybe, I’ll tell my story in book form. For now, blogging will have to do. Truth is, I hate writing, but I have a lot to say, and this is my platform for saying it.

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I came across this video yesterday and for some reason I was prompted to watch. After reading the book Promptings by Kody Bateman, I always, always, act on a prompting.

Crap, see, this is why I can’t write a book. Squirrel.

Anyway… As you will learn by watching the following video, Kevin Bacon was less than thrilled when he learned a game had been named after him. However, he turned that lemon into lemonade when he created a force for change trough the website,

Go ahead, watch. It’s less than 20 minutes. If you need to, fold some laundry while you watch. That’s what I do.

Go out and plant seeds, water and fertilize them, watch the trees grow, harvest the lemons, squeeze the juice out, add sugar and water, and make your own damn lemonade. Stop whining and start winning.

#GeriatricDog defends new bed from #FluffyKitty


Caturday Saturday

In this installment of Caturday Saturday, #GeriatricDog defends new bed from #FluffyKitty.

Muffy received a new dog bed for Christmas.

Shade, as cats often do, decided the bed should be his.

Enjoy this video as Muffy the dog defends her new bed from Shade that dastardly kitty:

No #fluffykitty was harmed during this production.

Carrie Fisher is My New Hero (Again)

I am a huge old school Star Wars fan.

Let me clarify.

I am a huge fan of episodes IV and V.  The Legacy of the Force book series which chronicles the adventures of the grown children of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organo Solo and Han Solo is one of my favorites.

Rather than rant on and on about how disappointed I am that the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, completely threw out the expanded universe created by Star Wars tie-in novelists like Timonthy Zahn, Karen Traviss, and Troy Denning, I am going to share a video clip from a Good Morning America interview with Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher is Hilarious

Her dog Gary almost steals the interview but Fisher quickly takes it back via witty retorts and comedic interjections.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos


Ms. Fisher, the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds grew up in the shadow of famous parents. She has been very candidate about her personal struggles with fame, bi-polar disorder, addiction, and weight management.

Carrie Fisher is my new hero.


She is my childhood hero.

Nice the way things often come full circle, eh?

Carrie Fisher Vs. Body Shamers

And for those body shamers out there who have tried to degrade and demean Ms. Fisher, I give you this:

Meme found on Being Liberal

Meme found on Being Liberal