You Don’t Have to Run Your Business Alone | Conversation with Virtual Assistant Angela Campos

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Angela Campos, founder of Virtual Assistant Services Team, provides traditional executive administrative services virtually.  Services are provided on project basis, one-time consult, or on retainer for when you need that “extra right hand”. “Imagine the secretary or admin sitting behind a desk in a corporate office. That’s me, but I get to do what I love from …

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How to Personally Sponsor 5 Distributors into Your Network Marketing Business in 4 Days

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Growing a network marketing business requires filling empty seats at a presentation.  Until they see a presentation, a person can not decide, yes or no, about an opportunity.  Yes is great.  No is good, too.  We are all taught that it is a funneling process!  The more seats you fill, the more decisions made. Recently, my …

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