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by Devin Stafford

In the world there are things that are just destined to be together, peanut butter and jelly, gum and the bottom of your shoe, cheese and pizza, apples and cheese (if you don’t believe me just try it) and of course, teenagers and technology.  Now many parents groan when they hear technology and teenagers in the same sentence, and who would blame them? When we teenagers have our technology it’s like the world disappears, and instead of listening to our parents tell us to do chores or listening to our parents yell at you for doing something that we weren’t supposed to do, we give our undivided attention to the little piece of technology in our hands, enjoying a universe filled with angry birds, texting, and Facebook.

Teens Love Technology
Teens Love Technology

When I had a phone (yes, it’s past tense, I sadly lost my phone when I was on a plane to New York, I have yet to get another one) I would never let it out of my sight. In the morning before I went to school I always made sure that I had my phone with me, I didn’t check if I had my homework or my lunch.  My phone was my top priority. When my mom talked about grounding me, she could threaten to have me under house arrest or that I wouldn’t get my allowance for the weeks. I would shrug not caring what kind of groundation she would give me, but the moment she mentioned taking my phone away I straightened up quick.   My phone was my life line to the outside world without it how could I talk to my friends?  How could I update my status on Facebook?  How could I blog on Tumblr?  It took me a good month or so after I lost my phone to realize that I could do all of those things without a phone, I would have to go out of my way to do them, but I would still be able to. I still remember all the conversations I had with people about me not having a phone. When people would ask to text me I would say that I didn’t have a phone, their first reaction were a kind of facial expression that said ” is she insane what so you mean you don’t have a phone? What is wrong with you?” They then proceeded to ask me if I was grounded or If I was having a new one shipped in and I even got asked if was against my religion.

So in short, technology was made for teenagers and I think that we wouldn’t have it any other way.

...before I went to school I always made sure that I had my phone with me, I didn't check if I had my homework or my lunch. My phone was my top priority. Click To Tweet

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Devin Stafford is a teenager who loves technology.



4 thoughts on “Teenagers and Technology | Guest Post”

  1. Oh WOW! Well this so very true! Absolutely everything here is spot on. Also, now these days everything is web based and internet driven. Like now these days people cannot just go walk in anywhere and fill out a paper application for a job. They are told “go online and apply”. People will ask to see ones website faster than they’ll as to see their business cards. Sad, but true! Technology has surely spoiled us and at times I do not know if it’s good or bad anymore.

    Thank you for sharing this with burtal honesty because I know for a fact I’ve felt this way many times even when I my is not in my presence.

    Janelle recently posted…TOP 15 Online Women in Business You Should FollowMy Profile

  2. I feel so convicted I had planned on removing some apps from my phone (like Facebook/pintrest) to help me be less dependent and I have been stalling. I guess this post is a reminder I just need to do it. Thanks for the reminder. I am so encouraged by your story.
    Amanda recently posted…FFL – CompletionMy Profile

  3. Great post. You’re right, technology and teens do go together like apples and cheese. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’ve realized you don’t need your phone to survive. Thanks for your honesty. I especially liked the part about checking for your phone instead of your homework.
    Doree Weller recently posted…MagicMy Profile

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