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Teresa Sisson is the owner of Sisson Kitchen in New Caney, Texas.

Describe your business.
Sisson Kitchen is the culmination of all that I do and everything I do comes from the heart. I am a Tupperware consultant and with my husband, Ronn, I also have a food trailer. These two businesses allow me to combine my love of cooking and helping others.

How did you get started?
I started my Tupperware business because it was a great deal on amazing products, then I realized I could earn money & gifts too! The food trailer actually started as me trying to help fulfill my husbands dream of owning a baked potato business. My love of cooking kicked in and now we do gourmet potatoes and snack foods too.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in your business?
My own procrastination combined with my need to over analyze & micro manage everything. I can get stuck on the small details very easily. That turns into self-doubt and fear.

How has this hurdle made you better?
I am learning to let go of the reins and ask for help when I need it. Recognizing these traits as hurdles has been a major step for me. I’ve always known that no one is successful on their own, but I’m taking steps to collaborate with those around me.

Top 3 books for personal and business growth?

  • The Bible. I know it may seem cliché but it is the foundation I stand on.
  • Fish! (Best business philosophy ever.)
  • Think and Grow Rich is good also.

What does gratitude mean to you?
To me gratitude is the ability to be thankful for all that I have even in the midst of strife. Ronn & I have seen a lot of hard times in the last 10 years, but we never lose sight of how truly blessed we are.

Who do you appreciate? Why?
There are too many people to list and I would probably forget someone so I’ll just list a few:

I appreciate my husband Ronn. He is a good man and he supports me 150% in everything I do. No matter how hair brained my idea is, he is right there to back me up.

My Daddy & Momma are my greatest blessings. They taught me that success was not a title or financial statement; it is knowing that you did your best (with your family, friends, community, and work) and being able to sleep peacefully at night.

Anything else you’d like to add or include?
Never let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. They may seem silly to everyone around you. They may seem impossible to accomplish. The journey is the important part, because it will change you.

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Teresa Sisson
Teresa Sisson



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