The “Thank You” Experiment


Say Thank You is a Great Idea!
Saying Thank You is a Great Idea!
After finishing a satisfying meal at a local restaurant, my husband paid the check with cash. When the waiter returned, Shane just left the change on the table and prepared to leave. Noticing that the tip wasn’t quite 15%, I pulled out my wallet and added another dollar. As I turned to leave, the waiter approached and gave me a heartfelt thank you.

As I am sure you know first-hand, it is extraordinarily uncommon for a waiter to express appreciation for a tip and I was dumbfounded.

As a society, we have forgotten how to show appreciation. We go about our daily business expecting people to do things. We spend more time complaining and expecting than we do appreciating.

You have probably discovered that the more you complain about how bad things are, the worse they seem to become.

Well, the opposite is just as true! The more you appreciate the people and circumstances around you, the more you find to appreciate!

Did you know that appreciation is the number one motivator in the workplace? Employees who feel appreciated are more productive and loyal. Whereas, almost 50% of people who quit their jobs state lack of feeling appreciated as the reason for leaving.

Here’s a little experiment for you to try if you are not completely satisfied with your boss: train her to be more appreciative. Make it a point to thank her a minimum of 5 times a day. If she hands you a stack of work and says get this done, say thank you! If you ask for time off and she says no, thank her for considering your request. Once your boss starts to feel appreciated, she just may start showing appreciation in return.

I can’t tell you if this experiment will really work, but it’s worth trying. Remember, you can’t train a puppy in a day, nor can you train your boss to appreciate you quickly, so keep the experiment going for 2-3 weeks.

You can apply this experiment to your co-workers, spouse and children. If you are not happy with the way someone is treating you, start treating them the way you want to be treated!

Imagine a world where everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated. YOU can create this world around you!

When the bus boy refills your water, say thank you!

When you pay the toll booth operator, say thank you!

When you pay the IRS, write Thank you on the check.

Pretty soon, more and more will be placed in your path worthy of your appreciation. And when it does, you’ll thank me.

You’re welcome!



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