Silver Earrings by Gramcracker Designs

Interview: Tracy Peck of Gramcracker Designs

Tracy Peck, Gramcracker Designs
Tracy Peck, Gramcracker Designs

Tracy Peck, owner of Gramcracker Designs,  is a jewelry artist based in Spring, Texas.  She is a mother of two, grandmother and full-time student.  Tracy began her jewelry business in May of 2011.

MG:  Where do you sell your products?

TP:  Mainly craft fairs.  Working on getting it all online also.

MG:  What craft fairs do you participate in?

TP:  Usually anyone I hear about in time. I just recently did one at an elementary school – traffic was non existent due to the art show in the Woodlands that day. I also had a booth at the Woodlands Harley Davidson dealership, they had a fundraiser for wounded veterans set up by a 4 Wheeler club. I also donate to fundraisers, usually I give a couple of pair of earrings. I am trying something new for the upcoming fundraiser, I donated two gift certificates.

MG:  I noticed your website isn’t quite up and running yet. Can you tell us about the process you used to choose a web designer and launching a new website?

TP:  My oldest daughter decided I needed a website and took on that process. She is still working on it. She works full time, has a husband and almost 2 year old. Trying to get our schedules together to get it finished. I was told not to change anything (challenged by this task).

MG:  Have you considered any other online venues to sell, like etsy?

TP:  Tried Etsy with no results. Everyone I have talked to about Etsy has had the same results. Woodlands on line has been a great source for selling earrings. That one I post new earrings on every few months.

Silver Earrings by Gramcracker Designs
Silver Earrings by Gramcracker Designs

MG:  How has new technology affected your personal life/business?  What technology tools do you use? Some parts of technology have made it easier some I am still learning so they are still challenging me.

TP:  Tools I use are computer, internet, cell phone (not a smart phone, just a dumb one 🙂 ), texting

MG:  Where do you find inspiration for your products?

TP:  Various places, mainly looking for new designs

MG:  What are some of your favorite ways to network?

TP:  Word of mouth. I always carry a few pair of earrings with me to show. Both of my daughters and a few neighbors are great models. My girls always get new pair when I get new charms in. They tell people where to get them from.

MG:  Define your style?

TP:  Casual, affordable

Peace Earrings by Gramcracker Designs
Peace Earrings by Gramcracker Designs

MG:  I know you were a Girl Scout leader for many years, can you tell us how THAT experience has affected your business (ie what did you learn from selling GS cookies?)

TP:  Yes, for 12 years. 3 of those years as Service Unit Director serving 3 districts, while advising an older girl troop.   Hum, I think my GS experience would be in the planning and demo areas of the business.

MG:  Tell me about your typical day.

TP:  Currently full time college student, started business to fill up some free time and now it is my relaxation

MG:  How do you juggle work and family?

TP:  Currently it is just my husband and I at home.  Things are supposed to slow down when the kids leave.  I have yet to see that.  I think we actually got busier.  With just Dave and I here our schedule is not so structured.  He works full time with plenty of overtime which allows me to attend school full time and not worry about having to have a job to cover any extra.  The jewelry actually contributes to the fun account.

With my school schedule I do have time to take care of house, study and work on jewelry.

MG:  Three tips you would like to give to moms who are thinking about starting their own business?

TP:  DO IT!  Get in a networking group.  Be active in marketing your business.

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