SendOutCards offers two types of subscriptions for our card and gift senders, retail and preferred.

A retail subscription is $9.80 per month for 20 points.  20 points roughly equates to 6 greeting cards per month.

A preferred subscription is $39 per month for 100 points.  100 points is 33 greeting cards per month.  Points can also be used for gifts, so the preferred subscription is great for folks who like to send cards and gifts.  Most folks choose the preferred subscription.

How to Change Your SendOutCards Subscription

Login to your SendOutCards account.

Hover over “Main Menu” and click “Revolution Office”.

Click on “View/Edit Subscription Profile”.

In the box labeled “Product Information”, click “edit”.

Under “Current Autoship Items” change the drop down menu under “Qty” to 0.

Under “Subscriptions” look for “Retail Individual Points $0.49 ea Initial Order Subscription” and change the drop down menu under “Qty” to 20.

Click Save.

Voila! Your subscription is changed from 100 points per month to 20 points per month.



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