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“I’m kind of a connector type person. I love to help people connect with others… and this is a perfect tool for that.” – Joy Brasington, JoytoSend.com

We’ve all heard  the “know, like and trust” factor (a.k.a rapport)  is the key to growing your business.   Joy Brasington shares some great tips for building rapport with clients using greeting cards and gifts.


Transcript (verbatim)

Joy and KandasKandas:   Let’s talk about how a greeting card system can help business owners.

Joy:  When I saw this system back a year and a half ago … I was sent a card by a lady at a networking event … I had never seen these cards. She talked about a conversation we had at the event. She included a picture of herself, so I remembered who she was, and I was so impressed with that card when I saw it. I picked up the phone, called her and we chatted. I asked her about the card and she then connected me with you; and that was a great day … for both of us. We’ve been close friends ever since basically.

It also impacted the doctor that I work for. He saw the card and was very impressed by it, and by the system; cause he saw where he could still stay in with his patients but it wouldn’t take up a lot of his staffs’ time of sending… handwriting birthday cards … Where we could log on … The staff there at his office could log on, select a card, send the birthday card to the patient. The patient would actually receive a paper card in the mail from him…and you know a thinking of you card a get well soon card … or whatever… thank you for the referral. We send out a lot of those type of cards to. So he saw the value in these cards, and I after seeing that and his reaction I immediately thought this is a great business; and this is the sort of thing I want to be a part of… I’m kind of a connector type person. I love to help people connect with others… and this is a perfect tool for that.

Kandas: And you know you grow a business when people know, like and trust you…

Joy: – Absolutely –

Kandas: – and they get to know you through these cards… And the get to like you because they know you remember them… And they start to trust you as they see you are a person of character and quality.

Joy: – and that you listen to them. That’s another key aspect. That’s like that lady mentioned something from our conversation … and so I knew she listened. She remembered something from our conversation…and it’s the same thing with the doctor you know. He can tune in to what’s going on in his patients’ lives…or any business owner can do that … as you’re out making calls or talking to customers on the phone, you can sit there right after the conversation, hang up and just follow up with a nice heart-felt card… And it will really impact your business in such a positive way.

Kandas: – And really these cards don’t have to be very long –

Joy: – No –

Kandas: – 2 or 3 sentences that remind them of who you are…including that photo of yourself so they remember who you are…if they never met you and see your face and go… ohhh! That’s what she looks like.

Joy: – And sometimes when you are at events and people meet so many different people, and they’re handed so many different business cards. It gets lost in the shuffle. A few days later they go to their mailbox, pull out a card, and your picture is in there, doesn’t have to be big. You know a small picture and a little note from you is in there, it will definitely bring about…oh yeah… and uhm so later on when you see them again or you make an appointment they are much more apt to uh follow up…with that appointment.

Kandas: – And that’s so important because a lot of times you go to these networking events and you connect with somebody. But then you … yourself never remember to get back in touch with them.

Joy: – yes –

Kandas: – And the best way that someone that you want to purchase from … for you to remember that person, is for them to remind you who they are. So if you’re going out there networking and you’re not following up, you’re not sending out it was nice to meet you card with your photo. You may be missing…you might be losing money, or opportunities…

Joy: – exactly. And it doesn’t always have to be about you. You make the card about them, just those little reminders. You know what’s appropriate and what isn’t, when it’s time to put your picture in or not. Yeah it’s a great tool.

Kandas: But those little reminders that remind you of the conversation … you know you may have been having a conversation with a woman, not a man…man those are great shoes… with a card you can remember… I’d love to go shoe shopping with you one day or something. Just that little humor, will make the card more memorable.

Joy: Exactly … exactly.

Kandas: Talk to me a little about why you choose to be a distributor with this company.

Joy: Like I was saying a minute ago … When I saw the doctor I work for, when I saw his reaction to the card and how he knew it could impact his business. I saw the way I personally connected with it…And I just knew that … that was a type of business I wanted to be in. Everything is online. I had been involved with other business where I had a product and I had to deliver a product, and I had to constantly be involved in shows. I needed to have a show …I needed someone to book a show. If that didn’t happen I wasn’t in business. It was a lot of pressure.

I enjoyed the product but it was a lot of pressure to continue it as a business. When I saw that there was an income stream behind these cards, everything was online. They opened their own account. They took care of their own business. I was there for support, but I did not have to be so personally involved that I would have to deliver anything or book a show off of that. It freed me up and I could just see the potential … this was just the perfect way for me…

Kandas: And it’s low cost

Joy: Absolutely

Kandas: The entry level auto-ship is $9.80… and that residual…it’s a beautiful thing that residual. You make a little bit of money on a lot of people, it adds up to a lot of money.

Joy: It’s affordable for everyone no matter what your budget is.

Kandas: Or how many cards you want to send.

Joy: If you’re a business owner, we can custom fit a budget for you and you know what you need to do that month…and months in the future we can help you customize all of that

Kandas: Exactly. Most people send about ten cards a year, but they need to send seventy… and this makes that easy. Thank you for sitting down with me…

Joy: Oh thank you

Kandas: It’s been fun to be able to actually talk about … cards. So I love that we can bounce back ideas …had a great time… Be sure to check the comments or the description below for a link to Joy’s website – joytosend.com – And visit my website GratitudeGeek.info

Thanks tuning in to Coffee and Cards Conversation.



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