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“What we should be doing in the second half of our life is to be serving the Lord and serving and helping people, taking the talents that we learned in the first half of our lives with our jobs, and using those same talents by serving others. ” – Judy Paine-Marshall

Judy Paine-Marshall is the Director of the Hollis D. Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Judy shares her outside-the-box fundraising ideas in her Coffee and Cards Conversation.



Transcript (verbatim):

Kandas: Kandas Rodarte here, and it’s almost Christmas time! Look at the beautiful cards that are already coming in. Aren’t they beautiful? Don’t forget, you have until December 13th to get those cards and gifts out.

I am sitting here this morning in Conroe Coffee at 206 North Main next to the Crighton Theatre with Judy Marshall. She is the director of the Hollis D. Marshall memorial scholarship fund, and we’re going to chat today about how to raise money for your nonprofit organization.

So Judy, why did you create the Hollis D. Marshall memorial scholarship fund?

Judy: I created it back in 2001. My late husband, Hollis, passed away, and he had Alzheimers. I had plenty of time to be thinking about what I wanted to do, and my pastor gave me the book that he had just received from Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? ( Expanded Edition). And then I concurrently had read another book called Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance by Bob Buford.   And both men talk about what we should be doing in the second half of our life is to be serving the Lord and serving and helping people, taking the talents that we learned in the first half of our lives with our jobs, and using those same talents by serving others. And I thought, I want his family and I want his friends to remember him (as) the man that he was, and not the man that passed away. That’s why I set it up.

Kandas: Wow. So tell me about Hollis. What was he like?

Judy: An awesome guy. Quiet, in some ways. Kind, very kind. The best way I can tell you about him is to tell you how we met.

And I was, I went out to the geologic convention out in Los Angeles and was at the Bonaventure Hotel, and I’d had a cycling accident right before I went out and messed up this right shoulder. And so I went down to the Bonaventure Hotel, sat at the counter and I ordered my breakfast, and when it came I was doing this: raising my arm to my mouth trying to feed myself.  And this gentleman on my right he says, “Are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you?”

I was so rude? I didn’t turn around and look at him. I just had my blinders on, and I said, “No, I’m fine.  I had a cycling accident and I messed up my shoulder.”

Less than a minute later, this same gentleman says to me, “Well you don’t look like you’re fine! Can I feed you?”

And with that I turned around. I said, “That’s a good line! You need to keep that one. That got my attention!”

So that’s how we met! And think that pretty well explains Hollis Marshall.

Kandas: I love that story, I love that story.

So switching gears a little bit, tell me how you raise money or how you have raised money in the past for the scholarship fund.

Judy: Well, when Hollis passed away, I had gained so much weight, and I needed to figure out how to put money into the fund and I also needed to lose weight. And so I decided to get on the internet and look for the longest cycling trip that I could find, and I found one that went from L.A. to Boston. And I used to be a cyclist before, well, of course that’s how we met! But I decided that I would cycle, and I’d get people to sponsor me per mile or make a flat donation for the scholarship fund. And I cycled across the United States in 2003, and then I cycled the south island of New Zealand in 2005, and then I cycled across the United States again in 2006, and then I cycled down the east coast from Portland, Maine to Daytona Beach in 2008. So each time all together it’s been a little over $35,000 that I have raised to put into the scholarship fund.

But I’m not as athletic as I used to be, and so I figured I needed another way to fund the scholarship,  and I met this wonderful woman, and she was talking to me about SendOutCards, and I love to send out cards to people for appreciate, for whatever. And she conned me into being her first, one of her first marketing directors. And it’s the best thing that ever happened because I love sending cards and it’s appreciation marketing, but it also, you know, helps put money into the scholarship fund now. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Kandas: So those are the ways. Well, how else do you use SendOutCards other than using it to raise money for the scholarship? Do you use it for?

Judy: Oh, absolutely, anytime somebody’s sick, my son has a birthday, I just send him a card with brownies. I used to send him money but I figured I’ll send him SendOutCards and brownies this time.

Kandas: I love it. I love it.

Thank you Judy for being here with me today.

Judy: Thank you!

Kandas: I have really enjoyed this.

Judy: This has been fun!

Kandas: The whole . . . you already know this and now the whole world is going to know that you are one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Judy: Thank you.

Kandas: So I glad you could be here with me today.

Judy: I am glad to be here, it’s been fun. Thank you.

Kandas: So links to Judy’s SendOutCards website will now be in the notes below and probably on the screen, and be sure to visit my website too, gratitudegeek.info.

Judy and KandasConnect with Judy Marshall:

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