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Coffee and Cards
Coffee and Cards Conversations are filmed on location at Conroe Coffee every Friday.

Scheduled Guests:

Renu Agrawal, Holistic Health Coach
Leslie Guillermo, Dog Whisperer
Curt Tueffert, Speaker & Sales Professional
Lynda Davies, Personal Trainer
Alyson Bayer, Acupuncturist
Dawn Mitchell, Coach
Kim Miller, Professional Organizer
Sarah Carothers, Comedienne
Javier Florez, Improv Actor
Jo Dent, Younique Presenter

Previous Geek Cam Walk-Abouts:

V030 Gratitude Geek Goes to Space City Con
V029 Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen, Foraging Wild Edibles Plants
V016 How We’ve Managed to Work Together AND Stay Married with Shane Rodarte
V014 Skills to Increase Sales: Improv and Public Speaking with Javier Florez

Previous Coffee and Cards Conversations:

V035 “I Made Dave Ramsey Cry” | Deanna Ooley Shares How She Eradicated $50,000 of Credit Card Debt
V034 Kimberly DeVos Explains What You Need to Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease
V033 3 Mistakes People Make When Following Up, with Pamela McCown, DTM
V031 Look 5 Years Younger and Get More Done
v024 Tanya Lavoie Grows Real Estate Business with Greeting Cards
V023 Joy Brasington Builds Rapport with Greeting Cards and Gifts
V022 Outside the Box Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits
V021 Guerrilla Marketing Tips from an Independent Coffee Shop Owner
V020 Cash for Gold with Cessna Foster
V019 Time Management Tips from The Busy Woman, Susie Glennan
V018 Heather Tidwell of Epiphany Spa in Historic Downtown Conroe
V017 Just Say No To Spandex: How to Survive Winter in Southeast Texas
V015 FocalPoint Business Coach David Blocker
V013 Montgomery County Texas is a Cultural Petridish with Maria Banos Jordan
V012 Holistic Health and Nutrition with Reeshemah Holmes & Kelly Taylor
V011 The 5 Essential Oils You Need in your Medicine Cabinet with Kelly Taylor
V010 America’s Top Health Coach, Reeshemah Holmes
V009 Why Conroe Coffee Tastes So Good
V008 Scentsy Family Super Star Director Michelle Brooks Talks Fundraising
V007 Interview with Carolyn Gerken, Business Owner and Philanthropist
V006 Talking Money with Real Estate Expert Tanya Lavoie
V005 Top Tips for Work at Home Moms from Independent Mary Kay Director Jenny Siemonsma
V004  Jenny Siemonsma, Independent Mary Kay Director, Shares Her Secret to Success in Direct Sales
V003 Andie Ho, Professional French to English Translator finds the Solution to World Peace
V002 Coffee Talk with Glenna Griffin & Tanya Lavoie
V001 Introducing Coffee & Cards at Conroe Coffee



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