What’s Weighing You Down? Get Rid of It!! by Susie Glennan


Decluttering Wisdom by Susie Glennan

Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.
Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

“Are you defining yourself by the things you keep or moving forward for a more freeing life of simplicity?”

Can you imagine??? 50% of the things I’ve been saving for the last 30 plus years are gone! And more is going every day. I think my spring-cleaning is turning into an addiction. The more I get rid of, the more I want to get rid of.

People save “stuff” for so many years, rarely realizing that they are not enjoying most of the “stuff” they are saving. Next thing they know, they are renting a storage unit for $100 plus a month to store stuff they probably aren’t going to use. Or there’s always the old adage that says, “I might need it later.” Of course when later comes, they can’t find it and have to buy “it” again… anyway.

Visualization is a good motivator, when you actually find the right vision. I think I finally found mine. In order to get to the vision, I must get rid of all that weighs me down.

After moving my “stuff” many times over the years I’ve gotten to a point where I realized that my Snoopy collection is nothing more than stuffed animals that provide a great place for dust. I don’t have them out where I can enjoy them, so why not allow someone else to enjoy them? They are being donated to a charity auction. My old Childcraft books have been shuffled from one house to the other. I read them to my children when they were young, but that was a LONG time ago.

As empty shelves appear in my closet and garage, I feel relief. It is like small weights are slowly being taken off of my back. Things I never thought I could get rid of are being recycled or put in the dumpster.

As I go through boxes, I sit and think deeply about why I am keeping these “things.” I realize that long ago they had meaning. They were a part of who I was. But that’s not who I am today. So in the trash or to charity they go.

Who are you today? Are you defining yourself by the things you keep or moving forward for a more freeing life of simplicity?

Susie Glennan
Susie, Glennan, The Busy Woman

Susie Glennan is the owner of  The Busy Woman, a downloadable, printable day planner system.



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