“Woman” by Tracy Larson Clifford | Podcast Episode 14

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Singer-Song Writer Tracy Larson-Clifford
Singer-Song Writer Tracy Larson-Clifford

Singer-song writer, Tracy Larson’ Clifford debuts her new single, “Woman” in this special edition of the Gratitude Geek Podcast.

Never Give Up

“In the beginning, stepping into the spotlight (on stage) made me feel extremely vulnerable and anxious in ways I had not yet experienced in life. I loved it so much but my heart knew there was more, more to being just a back up singer, more to doing someone else’s song.”

Tracy is the talent and genius behind the Coffee & Cards Conversations & Gratitude Geek Podcast theme music, “Never Give Up”.  In this very candid interview, Tracy shares her journey from teen mom to grandmother. Her 22-year career as a nurse exposed and inspired a drive to provide healing through music. Her organization, Soul Lily House v’Music strives to offer guitar and vocal instruction and sponsorship to struggling families.

In addition to “Woman”, Tracy also plays acoustic versions of her singles “Gone” & “Never Give Up” during the interview.  It’s a real treat for your ears!

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“The most peace for me in my spirit is when the first note is played and I begin to soar… at times, it feels as though I am flying around the room – JOY JOY JOY!”




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